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10 Egg Tricks

10 Egg Cooking Tricks/Hacks/Tips

This video shows you 10 great tips to cook your eggs in new and innovative ways.
The egg tricks in the video are:

1. Herb & cheese fried egg hack
2. Eggs Devaux, aka airy egg hack
3. Bacon egg baskets
4. Radioactive eggs trick
5. Pink egg heart trick
6. Herb poached egg hack
7. Toasted bread egg tip
8 Ying Yang Egg
9. Vegetable rings egg trick
10. The black egg trick

I hope you enjoyed these trick here are some more tips and tricks:

6 food hacks:…

31 Comments on 10 Egg Tricks

  1. 10:57 its like you copied 5 Minutes Craft or 5 Minutes Craft copied you.

  2. i dont even llike eggs.

  3. Raw runny egg yolks? I'll pass. Scramble that shit then maybe.

  4. instructions unclear. dick stuck in eggshell

  5. 2:42 went to the store and got the beggin strips as described and made the dish..tastes like dog food!

  6. Kids, try not to crack your eggs open by chopping at the shell half an inch from your fingers. Just saying.

  7. Them eggs ThIcC

  8. Sorry but this is racist! Where are all the African recipes for starvation and spreading aids?

  9. I hope you turn the crap out of killing everyone in the fucking mother

  10. Runny yokes I don't mind, but the whites aren't cooked? Yuck.

  11. Some great ideas, thanks

  12. Why would you take out the yolk from the white with a spoon? Why not separate the eggs beforehand?

  13. Dude — the "h" in herbs is silent. Thought you should know.

  14. Some people have a thing for overcomplicating simple things that work well. This video should be called "10 ways to overcomplicate cooking an egg so you get more dirty dishes"

  15. You have cute little Dutch accent in your voice, when you speak English 🙂

  16. This guys hilarious!

  17. Cooking isn't a trick.????????????????

  18. 10:53 — NO NO NO we didn't have to hear that squeaking

  19. The take away from this. for me. is separating the yolks.
    I mean, I've separated tons of eggs – but it never occurred to me to add to the whites, then add the yolk back.

  20. shit , i must buy eggs

  21. Guy can cook but has no idea how to pronounce herb with a silent h and keeps calling his a mans name.

  22. Why you are destroying every time the soft yellow? You have to put the yellow "bubble" on your tongue and push it slowly at the roof of your mouth. till you feel the yellow is running all over your tounge. It makes me angry to see you breaking it every time on a gustative nerveless plate. Why? For the camera? Never break the soft yellow expect in your mouth and expect its hard cooked! Never. Thats the challange.

  23. I can almost taste the egg yolk too every time he cuts into it… wouldn't be complete and satisfying if he hadn't done that… YUMMY! Two thumbs up 🙂

  24. How many gatdam pans do you need?

  25. By tricks do you mean recipes?

  26. Radioactive eggs………add to a very hot pan and burn them perfect. Eggs is always low and slow and I have never seen a so called pro or even a buddying home cook use spray oil…………You cook your eggs off gently and the olive or better veg oil with pan on the tilt you douse your yolks until they go opaque in colour. My preference don't like yours at all.

  27. 8:55… you did eggy bread / toast wrong….
    so do most americans, and low uneducated british people…

    1) Get a bowl or a container of some kind.

    2) crack the eggs into the item.

    3) mix the eggs.

    4) grab the bread

    5) Dunk the bread into the container / bowl

    6) Cover both sides with the egg

    7) place in the frying pan

    8) wait until done

    9) put the cooked food onto a plate

    10) grab a fork and knife.

    11) eat.

  28. What is WRONG with people that they'd make such a silly video?

  29. you call that toast! Black toast matters

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