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10 PS4 HACKS You Probably Didn’t Know That Can Make GAMING EASIER | Chaos

10 PS4 HACKS You Probably Didn’t Know That Can Make GAMING EASIER
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42 Comments on 10 PS4 HACKS You Probably Didn’t Know That Can Make GAMING EASIER | Chaos

  1. i really want a Amazon gift card for me plz ????????????

  2. I’m crying the Xbox is so much better like if agree (^.^)

  3. Nobody:

    Xbox niggas:????️‍????

  4. Guys i didnt understand the color in my controller ?? Show me

  5. This how many people that is gonna want to be on his team

  6. What game is he playing at 2:30???

  7. Want a gift card from amazon

  8. I know about all of these 10 things ????

  9. I knew all of these

  10. so if i get the ps4 and extra controller for my bday i can use the 2 lg chargers i have

  11. PS4 is trashier than a 60 year old pc

  12. I want to win ynw_gabby

  13. why do you sound like beasty

  14. Btw what happened if PS4 and Xbox merged together

  15. Don't Download Spotify when i played Games i had so many bugs even one time my screen freezed

  16. Who knew every single one?

  17. Well the box is better ya know why

  18. I want to win the gift card, my twitter @MrAwesome!!!!!

  19. Almost all of these are on Xbox too

  20. Should have called the video 10 things that people already know. as none of them are actually hacks. By the way Sony specifically designed their controller to be charged with the same cord as 90% of all cell phones. The PS3 controller could be charged with the same cord as some cell phones.

  21. For the light bar just have it plugged in

  22. ps4 and netflix just chill life

  23. Share play is so kool

  24. I have never had one

  25. I want to buy my own ps4 @priyanshu

  26. The Share Play thing… Can I use it with the same system so, for example, I can share my PS4 controller with my dad being in the same room?

  27. Is it okay if I like both Xbox and PS4? I’m an Xbox boi and i love Xbox and ps4

  28. Indeed the amazon gift ???? card

  29. I want the gift card to buy a home theater for my house

  30. Meh, I knew all of this

  31. #5: checkmate Apple users

  32. Controller on phone!?

  33. I us my ps3 for dvds more now that i have a ps4

  34. Can I charge my ps4 controller with my power bank and playing so I can sit some back and plug in powerbank and play and the controller also charge

    Becuz I will buy ps4 slim next month ????

  35. Bro which is that app to use instead of ps4 controller

  36. Turn off ps4 now that’s a good one I should make a profile in that name

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