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10 Tips and Tricks for OnePlus 6

Awesome cool hacks for the OnePlus 6
New and lesser known features of the OnePlus 6

Tip 1:
Experience full screen immersive mode across Oxygen OS
Hide the navigation bar and enable gesture navigation in the button settings of the OnePlus 6.

Tip 2:
Enable auto call recording- this setting is turned off by default.
You can also specify which calls should get recorded or create inclusion settings for unknown numbers only or specific numbers only or favorite contacts only.

Tip 3:

25 Comments on 10 Tips and Tricks for OnePlus 6

  1. I accidentally uninstalled recorder app from one plus 6t phone. Help me reinstall it

  2. I have some question abt the gallery
    Since yesterday the layout changed and it looks rly ugly i hate that i have a folder with all the pics there as well ,i dont need it since i have the other folders
    Can i change the layout of the gallery back ?

  3. How to remove x button in one plus 6 plz help really irritated by this button…. I have to cross it before watching any video

  4. I don't know if any of the oneplus users know this.????
    Open your calculator and type 1+ and then hit =

  5. I did not find auto call recording option in my phone can you tell what's the problem

  6. In my messages setting, i dont have a categorize messages, where I could find that option?

  7. Not much tricks just standard info

  8. Bro my oxygen Os version is 9.0.4
    I don't have call auto recording
    I want call recording what can I do
    Tell me bro pls

  9. My phone have… stroge problem…i have no photos in my gallery …but it shows memory full..

  10. How to record screen? when playing game or something!!!
    Any in-buildd solution?

  11. Is there any option of inbuilt screenrecording ??? Tell me anyone

  12. Dear author of this video. Please share the files .xml from your smartphone (India) Copy using ES file Explorer with root. /data/user_de/0/************
    Thank you in advance. I'm waiting.

  13. how to change calling display image oneplus 6t

  14. FRANCE: no call recording, no message categorization! EU laws!

  15. Do this ph has screen recording feature?

  16. I don't know what happened but I don't have full screen on videos anymore

  17. Hindi mai bola karo

  18. Hi… Please tell me I am not able to start my automatic call recording in OnePlus 6.. updated version… Option is not showing..

  19. Is there screen recording in one plus 6t?

  20. Where can I find the recorded call file? Please help!

  21. Where is the WPS settings?

  22. How to add full screen caller ID

  23. Where is wps option in oneplus?

  24. How can we activate that never settle widget pls tell me

  25. Will you please provide me information regarding how to print documents from one plus 6 if printer is not having wifi or BT..

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