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10 Unusual Car Tricks Only Advanced Drivers Share

A lot of car problems can be solved with a little creativity. Every car owner has a standard set of items in their glove compartment and trunk: sunglasses, a soft tissue, a spare wheel and other things of that nature. But sometimes these items may not be helpful enough for what you need.

These car hacks are clever, easy, and efficient, and they can save you from a tight spot. Watch the video to learn why having kitty litter in your car can be so convenient and how you can use household…

43 Comments on 10 Unusual Car Tricks Only Advanced Drivers Share

  1. So, guys, look at this! 4:16 Do you still like Coca-Cola? 🙂

  2. You'd be better off having a brain and a whole lot of common Sense as if you will need any of these

  3. I drink Coke every time I buy one for cleaning purposes. I think I got a rusty throat.

  4. 3:33 Umm what? We already did that

  5. I always look at the the brighter side of my life when watching any bright side videos.


  7. effective tips but the thing about expert drivers was all made up

  8. 6:31 so funny human fall

  9. Remember to change your blinker fluid, muffler bearrings, and piston return springs

  10. Use coke for Tire black

  11. Use shaving cream for foggy winsshield. It works well

  12. Phone charger for rear passengers – use usb hub with long cable

  13. Num. 10 – I don't advice to do it, since it puts stress on the fragile vents and you may end up damaging them.
    Num. 8 – After you clean the headlights you have to reseal them, since you've removed part of the protective coating.

  14. Advanced drivers hahahahahahahaha, Thank Mars I stopped before the first one ended.

  15. I do have something. I have a 27 year old Bonneville. The cooling fan quit working so my dad hot wired that to a reset breaker. The breaker usually overheats so if I have my windows down I usually have to wait. I also have tape on my gas door because it is not the greatest at staying shut. I guess another thing I do is I usually use washer fluid in the winter to take frozen fog off. My cars blower motor went out and that car is not just worth putting another blower motor in.

  16. Anything to do with cars I watch Scotty Kilmer

  17. If you have subwoofers in your car, most likely it makes using your rearview mirror thats inside your car impossible when the bass is pumping. Use a sock(the thicker, the better) and wrap or tie it around the rearview mirror. It will eliminate up to 80% of mirror vibration, allowing you to see out of the rearview.

  18. Rather than using a sock to swipe your windshield, I would recommend you to use a microfiber towel. The purpose is to avoiding any scratch upon the windshield, but nothing will be better than a microfiber towel.

  19. Did you know that you can shift without clutch just if you get the right time

  20. I have another tip:
    Place socks over your side mirrors in winter so they don't get frozen.

  21. 3:37 says: "Make an easy de-icer"
    Writes: "Use a foam noodle to save your car from dents"


  22. I wrap my entire car in two layers of bubble wrap to help prevent small dents and scratches ????

  23. You are probably sponsored by colgate and cocacola

  24. Use condoms for Tail Lights. ????

  25. I just wanted to add on to the foggy windshield seems that everyone just try to wipe the inside of the windshield with a cloth or towel whatever's nearby while driving but if you just turn your front defrost on high the fog will dissipate fairly quickly seems unlikely because the fog is made up of heat and moisture but the hot dry air from the defroster evaporates the moisture that's in the fog on your windshield pretty quickly and you won't be a hazard on the road trying to clean the windshield off and drive

  26. Coca cola can make bones osteoporotic if you drink regularly. BELIEVE IT

  27. you said the same thing twice but switched the numbers around at 1:30 and 3:30

  28. the phone rubber band one the car had a built in gps

  29. First thing: no mate everyone knows that im 12

  30. 6th slide has a mistake. ANY one noticed?

  31. How to keep your fingers from being slammed between car doors while closing ?

  32. No need to say it to Indians

  33. Did anyone notice the mistake on 6?

  34. Didn't get past second one, obviously your version of advanced drivers is totally different to mine

  35. Won't the cat litter smell?

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