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In this video I will be showing you 10 helpful tips and tricks/life hacks for your iPhone that are hidden in iOS 9/10. If you’re interested in learning how to play YouTube music in the background, improving your battery life, or just improving your overall iOS experience stick around to the end of the video! These helpful tips and tricks also work on any iPad or iPod touch on iOS 9 or 10. If you found the video helpful, hit that like button! AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE CONTENT…


  1. the problem with using low power mode is that the back light goes off too quick !

  2. The first one didn’t work

  3. it is called youtube red

  4. ???? music one did not work for iOS 11.2.5 iphone7

  5. love ur phone i have a iphone 5

  6. I have an iPhone 5

  7. Is it really recommended to use low power mode all the time?

  8. First hack doesn’t even work

  9. The first trick did not work. I am doing this on an iPhone 6plus and I tried it 5 times.

  10. The first one doesn't work in my ios 5s ????

  11. Yeah d YouTube hack didn't work ????

  12. The YouTube one doesn't work I tried it on my iPhone and it doesn't work at all

  13. The YouTube hack didn't work ????

  14. Low power mode does not work on my iPad Pro

  15. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Amazing thanks so much

  16. Omg it's dose work!!!!!!! 6/6&i

  17. i already knew this

  18. what is your high score in the game "six"

  19. It is orange u fucked up idiot

  20. Bro are you colour-blind,I see no orange at4:54

  21. you can also use an mp3 converter for the music and then you will just have it all the time afterwards

  22. I'm gonna try the keyboard switch rn
    Hii1. Omg it works!

  23. You are awesome please keep making videos.????????????

  24. i knew all 10 of them

  25. WOW COOL I'm so excited to get iphone 6s for Christmas my Samsung phone can not do eny of this really thank u for awesome vid!

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