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10 Useful Mac Tips and Tricks

Hey guys, here are some MacOS tips and tricks that I use daily.

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1. Shift + Minimize
2. Text Clipping – Copy Text and drag it to home screen
3. Tap and hold the green button
4. Space bar for preview and uploading
5. Use help for search
6. CMD + Shift + . to hide and unhide files
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
killall Finder
7. Delete large files
8. Tap on the file name to save it or drag it to a folder to save it
9. Convert a Screenshot to a Jpeg on…

37 Comments on 10 Useful Mac Tips and Tricks

  1. It doesn't work in macOS high Sierra

  2. great tips! Thanks. Some of them are new to me! And here are more tricks that I use

  3. Great video with great content! Fairly techy user here somewhat new to Mac and missed some of the power user tricks I had on Windows. Thanks for the vid!

  4. wooow, nice video

  5. Great video, very helpful, thanks for posting

  6. there is an even simple way to "9. Convert a Screenshot to a Jpeg on a Mac
    defaults write type jpg
    killall SystemUIServer" just simply drag that screenshot to photos app of MacBook and after that drag out of photos to desktop what will you find the screenshot is already converted too jpg

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  8. I just watched. Thank you. Wonderful video.

  9. I subscribed and liked the video just for the Split View trick!
    Haven't found it in any other Tips and Tricks video!!

  10. Why would anyone dislike this?

  11. thank you. It was very entertaining to watch your video. Tips were all very good.

  12. 1 of the mist useful and beneficial video i have ever watch bro. Great job. Keep it up.

  13. This guy made video for knowledge meanwhile other youtuber channels made video for views. Respect to this guy????????

  14. You are so cool, thanks a lot man!

  15. defaults write _FXShowPosixPathInTitle -bool YES; killall Finder

  16. can you suggest any app for mac os or iphone which can download videos from youtube in 4k.

  17. is there a cut and paste option?

  18. For a moment I thought that this one too, is like many other video regarding tips and tricks on MAC, but I was shocked to see how many things I didn't knew… Thanks a Lot for the Useful info 🙂

  19. Is there any to find WIFI PASWORD using WINDOWS PHONE?

  20. which mobile do you use @mrinal saha @techwiser

  21. we want a setup tour

  22. I don't know what happened u didn't cross 1k views till that's odd im really shocked mirnal may be because of ur YouTube channel name change or problem with content

  23. please make a video on Windows tips and tricks

  24. Perfect man. Good job.

  25. “let's get started shall we”
    copyrighted from beebom(just a joke)
    i know you and r great friends.

  26. you are awesome man.. really awesome.. #JugJugJio

  27. I've been using MacOS for a year and a half. Didn't know about the text clipping. Thanks!

  28. why did you change your channel name?

  29. getting 100k subs or 1000k subs not big thing,if you are doing somthing and someone attracted by that thing means…,that is the REal Success…obiviously you deserve that…

  30. ubuntu tips and tricks plzzz

  31. plzz make a video about some editing tips on fcp

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