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Most life hacks don’t REALLY help in real life situations. That’s why I set out on a journey to find the most efficient life hacks.

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47 Comments on 100 ACCURATE LIFE HACKS

  1. Filthy frank predicted that people would beat their animals for clout

  2. how tf did this vid get 31 million views

  3. The stain was still their you

  4. Hippity Socket

    There's ravioli in my pocket!

  5. not gonna lie I DESPISED filthy frank when he was starting to get big, I thought it was bad humor and just terrible. Now im fucking hilarious and amazing and im sad i wasnt a fan then. Im excited for his music!! its super good too 🙂

  6. 3:30 is it bad i might actually do this

  7. I love you dude but

    Just don't use the (guran) in your videos you can say all what you want about Muslims but pleas do not use the (guran) as a joke

  8. Favorite vid of him lol

  9. “smell that shit”

    licks it

  10. give this NiBBa a Noble Peace Prize.

  11. Are you asian your too damn smart

  12. i cant imagine these jokes being told today

  13. 2:31
    Yes i hate doing the dishes.
    waits for the ''life hack''
    Oh sh!t! Yeah, good idea!

  14. I miss you Frank…
    But your music is pure ????

  15. When you use 100% of your brain

  16. I hope that hamster didn’t get hurt ????

  17. Jake Paul being obnoxious at a wedding
    Everyone: what an asshole
    Filthy frank moaning loudly while slurping ravioli next to random people
    Everyone: that’s hilarious! Work of art!

  18. Why isn’t the category education??? These are accurate

  19. no animals were hurt during making of the video

  20. Your meme are the best dude

  21. I miss my dude, please come back the internet misses you

  22. *allahu life hacks*
    =Pure comedy

  23. This turned into the momo challenge quick

  24. What I feel like when I get bullied 2:38

  25. He is high and mentally unstable.

  26. this is the same guy who said "The best gift given to me is life, it's precious."

  27. Love this side of yt

  28. Oooh yeeaah ☺

  29. This is the best life hacks

  30. I don't know what's wrong with you make me laugh for a long time then shock me with the racism why do you do this As a Muslim I find this very offensive

  31. *slurps ravioli*


  32. Do you hate getting shot at by police?


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