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100 Blackout Tips and Tricks – LEARN IT ALL! | Black Ops 4

Here it is, 100 tips and tricks for Blackout in Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Hope you guys enjoy it, there’ll be some spicy challenge videos coming soon!
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42 Comments on 100 Blackout Tips and Tricks – LEARN IT ALL! | Black Ops 4

  1. 1/2
    0:32 | Heli Spawn Locations – Map that shows the spawns of helis.
    0:36 | Zombie Event Locations – Map that shows zombie event locations.
    0:43 | Fast Parachute – To be the first one down, jump right away, when you’re at 60 – even out and float to victory.
    0:55 | Slide n’ Sail – If you docked your boat, you can slide kick that sucker back in the ocean.
    1:00 | Directional Paranoia – Not only does the paranoia perk let you know that people are aiming at you. But the sound actually comes from the direction they’re aiming from, pay attention to it.
    1:09 | 3rd Person Taunt – A very cheesy play, but it can be done – taunting will show your character in 3rd person, and you can freely look for enemies behind cover.
    1:18 | Loot Safe – You can prone down, hit the loot key and crawl a good bit away from the box and still snatch the grease.
    1:26 | The Sun Sucks – The sun is your worst enemy, if your enemy is uphill and the sun is in your face – you have a huge disadvantage. But look down as you go up to have the sun out of your screen. Small optics also take a hit when the sun is behind you.
    1:42 | Fugglets Spot – If the endgame is south and you have a heli, park it on the windmills and snipe some suckers. It’s amazing.
    1:50 | Cancel Item – To cancel a grenade or any utility, simply press weapon key, default 1 or 2 and it’ll go back in your pocket.
    1:59 | Quick Map – Caps lock is the default bind to quickly check your map instead of using ‘M’ to toggle the map.
    2:08 | Underwater – To regain your breath simply go up and down right away after the 2nd “please help im dying” sound. (Unless you character is mute, then gamble.)
    2:21 | Slide n' Crouch – Having a seperate bind for crouch and slide will save you brain damage when pushing your enemies.
    2:33 | Hop On Doors – You can use doors to jump on, to reach even higher places.
    2:43 | Sniper ABR – The ABR is the only rifle that can have the sniper scope attached to it, and it’s pretty nutty.
    3:07 | Bail Out Of Vehicles – Don’t be scared to jump out of moving vehicles, people think they’ll die. Players won’t expect you to be outside the truck. Lets say the truck you’re in is being shot from the right side, you jump out on the left side – vehicle keeps rolling, and all of the sudden you’re outside blasting him when the truck passes by you.
    3:16 | Utility Rambo – You can shoot while you have a nade, throwable or other utility pulled. Just don’t do it with a frag grenade.
    3:23 | Heli Spawn Kill – Now, this currently seems like mission impossible – because it deals about potato damage when you hit a player with a heli, even in their parachute. But you can catch up to parachuters if you have a heli.
    3:35 | Bye Heli – Bailing from the heli will automatically make you put on the glide pants.
    3:40 | Big Stash – The big stash can bring you all the goodies like level 3 armor, weapons and utility. The weapons inside are always fully decked out. (yellow)
    3:52 | Batman City – The grapple can used to go up, but just as well to go down and avoid fall damage.
    4:01 | Some Characters Are Silent – I didn’t test them all, but I found out the Ranger doesn’t have a ‘please let me breathe I’m drowning’ sound. Where as Crash cries.
    4:16 | Dead In The Water – Shooting a water fella, makes their crate dip to the bottom.
    4:22 | Level 3 Sound – The level 3 armor makes a lot more noise when you run about.
    4:30 | Finish your knocks – If you’re close enough a simple melee hit will do it, instead of having to fire bullets in their booties.
    4:36 | Brake Lights – Will always be on if a vehicle has been driven, untouched vehicles have their brake lights turned off.
    4:51 | Players Count – Late game it’s super important to keep an eye on the player count, I’ve caught myself getting surprised a couple of times that there was only one player left.
    5:08 | Sensor Dart Timer – The Sensort Dart is active for 2 minutes and 7 seconds and make a bang when it expires.
    5:13 | Cluster Grenade – The cluster, is a sticky and sticks to the surface it lands on. After blowing up once it splits into 5 smaller explosives that still hurts your buttcheeks.
    5:23 | Mesh Mine Ladders – Placing an explosive charge on tunnels on places such as Nuke Town will make people slide down and blow up, covering your back.
    5:32 | Spray Patterns – Weapons have spray patterns, learn them – they’re not based on RNG, so you can get gut.
    5:40 | Nades Deal Damage – Getting hit by a nade deals damage, and can even get you a kill.
    5:46 | Shush Speaker Guy – I suggest turning the call outs such as “Airdrop inbound” “Circle advancing” and enabling subtitles instead. This way you won’t go deaf late game when circle is switching up and an enemy might push up on you.
    6:03 | The Ultimate Trick Shot – I want someone to do this, and @ me. Solo in a heli you can swap through all the seats, glide for a good amount of time and still regain control of the heli. Land a sick sniper shot from there please.
    6:19 | Blue Zone Heli – It locks the controls from time to time for 3 seoncds. Takes extra damage when shot, it is a very risky play to get back in.
    6:29 | Play Zone Is A Liar – Even though the circles and map show a bit more, the white circle can be outside the actual playzone. Only way to counter this is to play a lot and know what places reach outside the playzone.
    6:46 | Smoke Timers – The smokes fade away after about 32 seconds, also smokes explode on impact and not after a certain amount of time.
    6:56 | Healing Priority – After using a Trauma Kit, the first aid is placed as your next healing item – remember to swap the medkits to be the ones out.
    7:04 | Heli Spawn Visible – Even from the entry to the game, you can spot helis on the ground – so if all you want is a spicy flight, there’s your way to spot them while gliding/flying.
    7:15 | Clear Before Loot – After landing, dont worry about anything else than getting a weapon. First step after that should be to clear any other players landing near you. After that you can be a loot hoarder.
    7:25 | Barricade – The barricade deals damage to enemies near it, has ‘heat’ waves you can see through walls and can be heard from a far.
    7:34 | Ext. Mag Special – The black and yellow extended mag only fits with 7.62 weapons.
    7:39 | Enter A Vehicle – To drive the truck, or fly the heli – you have to enter from the actual driver’s door.
    7:45 | Factory Heli Spot – Another spicy spot you can place yourself at, jump out of your heli to and snipe people from.
    7:52 | Literally Sticky – The sticky nades can be attached to another player.
    7:57 | Use First Aid Outside – If you’re caught in the zone, pop a first aid every time your HP hits 125 to get back up to full, there might be other players out there with you. (Unless you’re almost in and have a trauma kit on your hands.)
    8:11 | My Favorite Solo Loot Spot – The graveyard almost always blesses me with a level 3 armor, and often the zombie event is there too. People tend to leave this place, but it’s actually jampacked with loot. With the looter perk it’s super easy to loot the entire place.
    8:20 | Horn – ATV, Truck and Recon all have a horn you can use by pressing ‘G’.
    8:25 | Yellow Guns – If you see a yellow weapon on the map, that means the weapon is fully decked out with all attachments.
    8:36 | Swap Guns – Pressing 1 or 2 will bring out the secondary, it’s not an individual bind for each weapon slot.
    8:42 | Unlock characters – You can randomly find items from anywhere such as crates that’ll give you a mission with a few tasks you’ll need to finish to unlock a new character.
    8:50 | Hold the 9-Banger – Holding the 9-bang till the 3 lines light up will make it the most effective, banging peoples eyes out 3 times instead of 1.
    9:04 | Perk Combos – Some perks are great to use together, such as the dead silence and awareness. It’s okay to use more than one perk at a time, experiment and find some neato setups.
    9:15 | Paladin Beans – The Paladin has almost no bullet drop on any range, except for really far away you may need to lift it a little bit. But in almost all situations, aim at the head and fire.
    9:26 | Take The Shot – Sometimes you may confuse yourself, are you seeing an enemy or not? Don’t be a coward, fire and be rewarded from time to time.
    9:37 | Grapple Range – A red circle will indicate how far away you can grapple. 3 white arrows will indicate a grapple point is available.
    9:52 | Grapple House – You can hook through windows to fly in and smack a sucker in the face.
    9:59 | Combat Axe – The combat axe can be picked up after thrown, and one shots anyone – even through level 3 armor.
    10:07 | Save Some Utility – Having a few perks for late game can change whether you win or not, like the nutty dead silence.
    10:12 | Damaged Vehicles – If any vehicle has taken damage, it still moves at the same speed and turns just as fine.
    10:27 | Recon Car – The max range hits right about when your character is at the edge of the minimap. You can stay in the shaky camera mode – but going further will make you lose control. You can pick it up again.
    10:42 | Taunt – You can be a douche, and bind an emote to the quick emote slot, default ‘T’. To really rub it in, just don’t be a whiney doodoo when the tables turn.
    10:52 | First Aid- Heal for 25 a pop and stack in 10s.
    10:56 | Med Kit – Heal for 50 a pop and stacks in 5s.
    10:59 | Trauma Kit – Will heal you to 200, use with caution – if you know you’re going to take a bit of circle damage, save it and heal with bandages until you’re safe.
    11:15 | Recon Camper – The Recon remote car is a campers dream for late game, park it outside your house and look all around you – spot enemies pushing towards you, and end them.
    11:26 | Shotguns Are Nuts – The Mog is probably my favorite gun, and well – shotguns are nutty in this game, do not underestimate them.
    11:51 | Small Stash – These contain perks, equipment ammo and attachments.

  2. 71 fastest and the swordfish can carry sniper scope

  3. Super helpful thanks a lot

  4. Wish bottom is the weapons kay

  5. The ABR Is not the only gun that can hold a sniper scope the auger dmr can too

  6. Who thinks there a hacker now❤????❤

  7. Nice video bro just started playing blackout after almost 8 months and this was very helpful. U got a sub ????

  8. Putting a trophy system on a heli can deflect a few rockets two exactly third hits you

  9. SUPER dope! Thanks bro!????????

  10. The ray gun is 1 hit btw

  11. It's crazy how a secondary shotgun has more range than a pump fortnite.

  12. Ext fast mags can also go on cordite and daemon

  13. A basketball can kill you, use the turret on the ships while drifting in water.

  14. this is just for pc. useless for ps4/xbox

  15. i love the graveyard always get a sniper there its insane

  16. 4:15 Find out if you want them to moan or not ????

  17. So inaccurate. I made it 40 seconds. Lots wrong. Delete.

  18. So how do you use the squirl parachute?

  19. You forgot two heli spawns there’s one in between train station estates construction site and firing range and one in hijacked

  20. A lot of these are inaccurate

  21. Your missing the red barn for zombies spawn.

  22. Black and yellow extended fast mag isn't just for 7.62 guns u can use it on cordite daemon and spitfire none of those are 7.62 u might want 2 play a little longer b4 u start making tip videos just saying????????????

  23. I like to lure people with the car then gobble them up

  24. When your playing and you kill an enemy and they stay watching you play after you killed them are they able to tell their teammates where your at?

  25. Just cause 2 would’ve been awesome with battle Royale

  26. Video was trash

  27. molotov is better than a frag cuz you can use it to deter somebodies movement as it keeps burning

  28. Trip mine the bridge.

  29. Here are 3 guns that are insanely underrated

    1. Mog 12
    2. Vkm
    3. Abr with sniper scope (no recoil)

  30. When they say the sun sucks say "Yeah fuck the sun I fucking hate it too….long live the fucking beast"

  31. hey man never heard you say it but you can use a trophy system in a helicopter and on trucks and rckets dont blow you up

  32. These pour blackout players ????????????????

  33. Turn right, jump with r1 and then cruch with L2
    This will unlock permanant sensor dart radar for the whole map
    Do it before my comment is deleted

  34. Can PS4 play with pc in this game?

  35. How many wins do you guys have?
    Rply me

  36. Thanks for the tips with this info I got two solo victories back to back

  37. gaming has a video that shows many loot crate locations

  38. Great video man! I see you have put alot of time and effort into this, you earned a new subscriber ????

  39. The swordfish can have sniper scope as well *

  40. You were able to attach the sniper scope to all tactical rifle, swordfish, DMR, and ABR, as well as the snipers obviously.

  41. He’ll on turbine tip sucks

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