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100 Red Dead Online Tips – RDR2 Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Here are 100 tips to get you started in red dead online, including hunting, Combat, PVP & More.
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1. Carry 2 carcasses when you hunt
2. How to get perfect skinned animals
3. How to save time skinning animals
4. Use the wagon to carry extra carcasses
5. How to reverse a wagon
6. Skinned VS Non-Skinned animals
7. Fast travelling with animals
8. Use boats to carry carcasses
9. Lasso Animals…

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37 Comments on 100 Red Dead Online Tips – RDR2 Tips & Tricks For Beginners

  1. This is a re-upload, i made a bunch of changes i wasn't happy with, no more lassoooooo

  2. Me and my friend duel each other with melee/throwing weapons all the time so the tip to get away from the laso is going to give me a huge advantage.

  3. #1 is going to be less effective when this summer dlc comes out.

  4. Usefully content , thank u so much I appreciate ????????❤️

  5. 100 tips ru serious lol tosser

  6. in pvp aim at a players head to get an instant kill

    wow thanks

  7. 8 months later and the game still the same.

  8. Fuck my left d pad button doesn’t work anymore

  9. Thanks dude, there are NOT many new guides (relevant with the 2019 summer updates)
    Most important things for beginner
    (I wanted to ask if i should just buy the 27$ one rather than spending 2 gold?)
    What should i spend gold on? WHat should I do before level 10? What to get FIRST AND FOREMOST?

    a few questions:
    1.) What weapons to get FIRST AND FOREMOST?
    2.) what to save your gold for first?
    3.) what to do before level 15?

    I am only in chapter 3 in the story; but am level 7 online. I make sure to set it to defensive (which was REALLY helpful)
    And i got mildly GRIEFED (until defensive mode) while looking at my catalog in the middle of the forest
    I didn't know whether I was supposed to press TRIANGLE for PARLEY or SQUARE for BOUNTY?


  10. 7 months later and they still won't allow us to buy wagons? Wow.

  11. If you use a gun going you can kill other people

    Press x to run

    Move the left analog stick to move

  12. I know this video is more than a few months old and some of it is out of date but i figure'd i'd add one you missed. If a griefer steals your horse, you can call it back through the stable menu. The horse will knock them off and come back to you. By default, the horse will do this anyways once the griefer gets a certain distance.. but if he decides to stick close to you or you catch him fast enough, the horse will buck him and you can finish him off in the time it takes to recover.

  13. @10:32 sorry but you are wrong. You CAN tame wild horses, i did it successfully in my stream yesterday, and the game even notifies you that you successfully tamed a wild horse. However, i could not take my tamed horse into a stable, may have been that one town only i dunno or all.

  14. i feel stupid never thought of lassoing animals in the water, i lost many a good pelt in there

  15. "Aim for the head to get instant kill" oh for real?

  16. Hats are stored on the horse menu next to outfits

  17. You can knock out the leader and still get honor points

  18. about fast traveling with my horse that has all the hunting goods, i never fast traveled with my horse, i just hop off and then called in my horse

  19. I started rdr2 online 3 weeks ago. Im almost in the 40s level. Aiming for 41 to get the better ammo. The real truth is that its a mess. Other players called griefers will ruin your fun. Doing a mission to get money. Theyll kill you and burn your wagon. They will literally watch u sell to the butcher then kill u and your horse. The defense mode a mode that makes it so they cant lock onto you is ok but they can still kill u just takes more shots. If you just want to hunt, fish and enjoy the world. Stay in offline. They are obsessed with player vs player. The game even through mission forces u to attack other players. And unless you pony up $. Youll have the most basic of basic stuff. Your horse is slow and eats stimulants and stuff endlessly just galloping or doing missions until the mid 20s level to get a decent saddle n stirrups. And later for a horse with more than 3 bars. If you wanna spend 60 a year for online and chance being the entertainment to a tween there is some good stuff. But ill tell you now. The game disconnects alot, many times u start a mission it wont start and you cant activate it. Missions are repetative even after a few days. But i stress this largely. The pvp will irratate you. Stronger players that have no life or interest in the game because their board will literally ruin your enjoyment. At ever turn. Whether its sniping as you ride by. Directly destroying your missions. Killing u n your horse. Even non aggressive players learn to be aggressive because theyve been harrased to death. And unlike all these videos. There is no griefer posse to save u. Unless you get 2 or 3 friends playing same time as you. Id avoid it.

  20. Sorry but ur voice is annoying

  21. I want this game so badly sksk haha

  22. Fast travel in your camp isn't free

  23. Thanks for taking the time to this – and for the reuploads. The hunting cart is so smart!

  24. Would love to mark my enemy "wanted" and pay for it.

  25. In valentine you can eat soup for free at the fire

  26. what hat is that, i've been trying to figure out what the heck it is

  27. Irl people complaining that 1000 dollors isnt much
    Rdr2 1000 dollors is considered a millionaire

  28. On tip #72 put on caption and the caption said by pressing RB and eggs instead of x

  29. Yooooo I was looking at rdr2 things and I found the most OG tips and tricks channel

  30. Verry good tipps! Thanks a lot

  31. How and where do we sell our canned goods online???

  32. Great video! Thanks for the tips

  33. 1:11 not true i did fast travle with my cargo on. You just need to go off your horse and fast trave, after u did that u can call your horse and you'll have your cargo

  34. Great video first 4 or 5 seconds after watching this the game got me easier who knew u could pull a dead animal behind u thanks for that … and a few of the other u mentions ????

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