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11 Weird Ways To Sneak Candy Into Class / Back To School Pranks

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9 DIY Miniature Candy World:
Eat snacks during the lesson its cool! But the teacher thinks differently… How to solve this problem? Watch our new ideas on how to sneak food into class easily and without anyone noticing!

Supplies and tools:
• Fruitella candies
• Cornstarch
• Gummy wheel
• Toothpick
• Food marker
• Confectionery glue
• Twizzlers candies
• Colored…

48 Comments on 11 Weird Ways To Sneak Candy Into Class / Back To School Pranks

  1. This sucked balls you lezbo's

  2. Omg how do you do that

  3. Omg ur eating hubba bubba can’t u see that pink color isn’t plastic……….. and yet why are u putting food into things that had glue in it u may have not washed it good and die this is so dumb and can’t u go to the bathroom and eat………….

  4. We would sneak food into there with a glue stick like they did and coloring box edible pencil case edible pencils edible crayons edible glue sticks pencil case with Coke inside cover with pencil and Pen with a straw in there

  5. Check in this video of how to sneak candy into class

  6. Taking swallowing AirPods to a whole new level:

  7. These hacks sound expensive????????

  8. Mrs penneypoppins????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!

  9. You should do a video with your real voices

  10. WOW A CANDY PARADISE???? but the teacher said candy paradise is over

  11. ur hacks are rally good but sneaking food in class is not what i want to do

  12. The teacher put the earplug in her ear and cindy eat it

  13. 123 go better than yall

  14. Teacher:Are you eating sweets?!
    Me:No, I'm just drinking glue!
    Teacher:Oh, well that's fine!

  15. Thats what i like to call dieabietes class????

  16. So Cool And I Don't Know How To Do The same Thing????????????????????????????????

  17. we dont have some of this in kenya

  18. im gonna sneak some gummie brears and put them in myit my big sharpinar

  19. I love the new version

  20. Your ideas are awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. The thumbnail tho…

  22. Ewww you ate glitter

  23. Who else just watches crafts but doesnt bother to do them?

  24. The pen “trick” can leak

  25. I love your videos they’re all my favorite I love you are my favorite fans I love you so how do you make them I know you showing them but I want you guys to know I forgot was gonna say I love you I like you baby I’m a girl and my name is Eileen ????

  26. And America wonders why their students be subpar because even slacker Asian students don't spend their time on doing all these lifehacks

  27. If I choke on a thumbtack I’m suing

  28. But I have diabetes…

  29. You guys are good life hacks I wish I could do that keep it up i love your videos

  30. Robin: Titans Go!

    James Charles: Hello, sister.

    Troom Troom: eat pens and glitter glue and ur dumb teacher will NEVER notice u

    eat your earphones in class and ur dumb teacher DEF won’t be suspicious

    let’s all create ways that are unecessary when u sneak ur food into class by cleaning out glitter glue containers and chewing on pens and making our tongues all shiny

  31. Can you send me a edible glue

  32. Please speak ok in Hindi

  33. Quero.enespanis.u.en.arrabi

  34. Are you doing anythind bad

  35. Are you doing anything Good or bad

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