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12 Photography Hacks EVERYONE Must Know!

DIY Photo Life Hacks you’ve NEVER seen before! Best camera props for Instagram rainbow photos!
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9 Instagram Photo Hacks:

Minimalism Hacks + Things You Don’t Need:

How to Take Better Food Photography:

What’s on my iPhone 6s + How I Edit Photos:

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31 Comments on 12 Photography Hacks EVERYONE Must Know!

  1. 6:37 what camera is that ?

  2. Pretty sure that's not a bokeh but still very cool!

  3. Your secret is out. Everyone knows about the cupcake.

  4. Nothing wrong with the content but this video keeps showing up in my continue to watching section and other videos of hers (even if I haven’t seen them, only watched two of her videos) it’s driving me nuts.

  5. The bit before you spoke made me so confused ????

  6. talking about photography and running around with her iPhone – wlcome to 2018… so sad.

  7. New to your channel! Love, so cute!!!

  8. How you do the x thing

  9. Oooh???? ur sooo pretty????

  10. Which app do you have for these superb pics?

  11. she just called holo iridescent….

  12. how did you manage to put your voice on left earbud?
    that was the worst thing I've ever seen

  13. My insta Pati.witam

  14. Can I use phone camera to take the photo like you?

  15. Admire u so much
    Plz tell me your instagram id name
    Want to follow u

  16. What is with the bad audio?

  17. hi your videos are awesome will u tell in which city do u live in

  18. Wanderlust is german! Whooooo! ????????????

  19. What rabish ????????????????

  20. nice! cool! awesome!

  21. are u the girl in troomtroom?

  22. when she said that she didn't bake the cookies and it's a secret then like a hundreds of thousands of people saw that she bought it

  23. This video was half ad, half shameless plug

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