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13 iPhone Settings You Should Change Now!

Those default iPhone settings are no good! Here is what to change.
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iPhones, iPads, and other iOS devices all have a lot of settings that you might not have known about, because these settings are pretty hidden away. This video goes over which ones you should change, whether they are privacy settings to restrict Apple from…

35 Comments on 13 iPhone Settings You Should Change Now!

  1. ????????????'???? ???????????????? ???????????????? ???? ➤ "12 MORE iPhone Settings You Should Change Now" ????

  2. thanks, couldn't find "find my phone" but ive seen it before. how about "enable safe mode"?

  3. i followed you advice and my phone exploded… only joking.. good vid. v clear and professional

  4. Are you sure what your saying

  5. And there's another good iOS setting that you should enable stop your Apple ID Banner at the top go to iCloud settings scroll down and select keychain this will automatically fill in your information in don't forget to get into your Apple ID if prompted

  6. you did good job, thanks

  7. how to disable the ScreenMirroring?

  8. Anyone watching dec 14 2019?…

  9. Bruh I just found this guy randomly I remember him from his “how to turn Xbox 360 into Xbox 1” video this man is cringe

  10. Very helpfully,Thank you.

  11. Who else still doesn’t trust this guy from his xbox games to ps4

  12. Apple hates this video????

  13. How to stop selfie flipping in iphone.??

  14. Have you did a video of the iPad mini 5th generation and like what apps we should know?

  15. Thanks for the vid! Great format and very informative.

  16. Brother my phone does not take iphone 4s update ios, 7,1,2 your software is to date please help brother,,,,,????????????????

  17. Brother my phone does not take iphone 4s update please help

  18. Why do you talk so slow. You’re fucking annoying.

  19. Hey there’re too many channels with the same goal but you guys, by farrrrrrr, is the best and tell ya why. Mostly, do not show up step by step. They just throw up the information speedily and have to advance and rewind all the time (my case). And you guys do all the process utterly difference. Thank you so much. I’m subscribed. Hoping for new videos.

  20. You should never use the 2 factor authentication, I used it once and almost got permanently locked out of my Apple ID, it was a big pain in there but and took forever to get it back, even apple store employees, at least the ones by my local apple store don’t recommend using 2 factor authentication

  21. How to turn off screen mirroring selfie in iphone 11…. plz give suggestion ?

  22. His camera he’s videoing on is great

  23. I got notification that my iphone is hacking what should I do?

  24. Hi Brother i have an Iphone X and i don't have FaceTime in my phone. Is there any option to get FaceTime?

  25. Still applicable this November 2019.

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