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13 Pro Tips to Improve Your PUBG MOBILE Game

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Today Powerbang unveils 13 key tips and tricks to help PUBG Mobile beginners instantly become better players. Use these tips to start earning chicken dinners right away!

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21 Comments on 13 Pro Tips to Improve Your PUBG MOBILE Game

  1. Hey hey hey sunny boiii I’m gonna make history

  2. The best tip is to just run and hide, always stay within the playzone and let them kill each other until you're in the top 10 with 0-3 kills and get killed by the pros. ????????????

  3. Basic stuff for noobs

  4. Pro tip of the century:

    If you are a noob, you can not win chicken dinner, may be your luck can

    If you are a pro, you can win in any situation i.e, only shroud

  5. I once had a guy follow me but I used the eye ball tool and ran in a building, then turned around and went back outside anf killed him.

  6. Tip 1-13 summarised: don’t be a noob

  7. only problem my enemies are watching this????

  8. Lol…come and play in asia????????

  9. Solid basic tips!

  10. اكو عرب بل طياره

  11. 2019?? Anyone?

  12. These tips are for nooobs

  13. pro tip: never ever play pubg

  14. Bad advice from the start. 1. The game is geared toward survival; dropping into a region of high density will get you killed much more quickly than choosing a quiet area. Die early = penalty points and you’ll never move up the tiers. 2. Pick up absolutely all attachments when you first land- you will often only see them only once, and then only get the gun you need for them later. Drop stuff later when you’re in a quiet spot. I’ve never been killed while unloading stuff from my pack.

  15. These ain't no pro tips
    These are tips for new players

  16. Pro tip: hold the pan while prone/crawling to avoid headshots

  17. You haven't told anything new buddy


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