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14 Funny Hacks That Work Magic

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11 Crafting Life Hacks And Decor Ideas:
Are you interested in everything new and creative? Then you will surely like our new collection of incredible hacks! What about handmade glasses for home movie theatre, or to drink tea out of a zipper bag? Rather, watch the video and choose your magical life hack.

Supplies and tools:
• Oreo
• Milk
• Chopsticks
• Empty lipstick tube

21 Comments on 14 Funny Hacks That Work Magic

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  2. I made an art work

  3. look at the thumbnail. Beeeeeeeeeeeen!!

  4. Please post some new videos

  5. Not freindly in the mather earth

  6. 1:41 here's another way to drink and watch:stop turning your face

  7. 0:47 your still eating while walking

  8. Good see my channel also pichaiandi balakkannan

  9. I finally knew that her name is curly shoe

  10. The blue withe girl was wearing a cross so it means she believe in jesus

  11. I will definitely try it

  12. I like ur frenchfry ,coffee and sauce idea

  13. I would use the last one XD i'm SOOOOOOOOOO LAZY!!!!

  14. What world are you living in where you can't sip your tea and watch a movie at the same time?

    Oh sorry, I forgot your parents never told you how to life

  15. you are so lazy to do that!

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