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15 cmd hacks for Windows 10 you should know

here is the list of best 15 windows 10 cmd hacks and everything you need to know about

this video will take care of following things
-how to change color in cmd in windows 10
-how to get ip using cmd in windows 10
-how to get ip of a website using cmd in windows 10
-how to get system details using command prompt in windows 10
-how to open command prompt in a folder in in windows 10
-how to get details of a folder using cmd in windows 10

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23 Comments on 15 cmd hacks for Windows 10 you should know

  1. I know all of these not hacks at all.

  2. hacks omegalul ……………. just fckn simple dos commands

  3. this is not hacks just an tools every IT admin know !

  4. Damm! All this time i were a hacker and didint noticied it…now i can hack some computers, change colors and etc!!

  5. Is it hacking tool lol????????

  6. where is the hack? get out….

  7. Ебанутся да с такими знаниями можно Пентагон взломать блять, пиздец

  8. Before Windows, this is how we ran the 386 computer. Its called DOS. We used to write our own batch commands for everything.

  9. You Noob School boy wast my time…

  10. I am a supreme hacker now

  11. Hack? Yeah, if you're 8 years old maybe

  12. Hack number 14 : type exit and hit enter

    Hack number 15 : watch the black window closing out in a blink of eye

  13. Powershell bit it all!

  14. IT admins knows these commands, nothing new

  15. i had a laugh

  16. C:> net user dickhead what_a_wanker /ADD

  17. What a load of crap, this has to be a child who made this rubbish or a thick idiot

  18. bi sıktır git aq cocugu

  19. You use a very loose definition of “hacks” don’t you?

  20. format c: It makes your c drive nice and clean

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