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17 Glue Hacks and Crafts / Crafting Life Hacks

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8 Life Hacks And Ideas For The Best Party Of The Year:
What is glue for? To glue something, of course! But did you know that with its help you can decide a huge number of other home and beauty problems! What kind? Find out in our new video!

Supplies and tools
● Elmer’s glue
● Cotton
● Toothpick
● Paper
● Hot glue gun
● Empty nail polish vial
● Makeup glitter

36 Comments on 17 Glue Hacks and Crafts / Crafting Life Hacks

  1. MmMm, I love the taste of glue on my lips. :3

  2. Some of these hacks are copied

  3. Ha I have face ID because I have a iphone Xr

  4. youd get an infection putting glue in an open wound

  5. I love troom troom ????????????

  6. Yeèn. Yol yuo. Make. Pika an

  7. Well i guess were in a sticky situation????

  8. Nobody:
    Troom troom: clickbait 100

  9. The white glue is like soap


  11. The title should be

  12. Help me… im doing a watch troom troom for a week

  13. Glue is not the best for making a mask it will rash the skin

  14. Why are you gluing sticky notes Y DAT DUMB

  15. I have a glue hack: gum

    pour glue add color dry it out enjoy!

  16. Is this sponsored by Elmer's glue? 1 like = 1 dollar from lé sponsorship

  17. Can you use detergent for the glue stick slime

  18. Troom troom I'm sorry but NO just NO you can lituarly can poison yourself with the glue "hack" everything is editided!!!

  19. Am I the only one triggered by their teeth!!

  20. Wtf 4:47 Bad time? Rly?

  21. JESUS yall NEED to STOP teaching kids to put glue on there faces
    like WTF

  22. 95% of the comments ARE PURE HELL. Why does everybody hate Troom Troom? You are just trying to get their channel deleted. Some of these hacks are actually working and are great. Don’t be rude to Troom Troom.

  23. 2:40 DISCLAIMER (I may be dumb) but that’s a Samsung I don’t think you can use a fingerprint to open a Samsung :3

  24. Do. You. Realize. Primer. Is. White. Paint. YOU DONT NEED TO USE GLUE FOR EVERYTHING.

  25. jag lilar dina vidjo i laic jårs vidio


  27. Borax can burn your hands DANGER

  28. Waarom heb je rote waarom

  29. 1 like= 1 prayer for anyone u know

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