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175+ iPhone 7 and iOS 10 Tips and Tricks. The Ultimate, Expanded Guide in less than 1 hour!

This expanded iPhone 7 tips and tricks guide packs in more than 175 tips in under 1 hour to help you get the best out of Apple’s new smartphone.

The guide has been divided up into sections to help you watch what you want to know:

0:45 – iPhone 7 Features
8:15 – iPhone 7 Settings
14:19 – iPhone 7 Communications
19:58 – iPhone 7 Camera
22:14 – iPhone 7 Customisation
23:51 – iPhone 7 Cool Stuff
28:39 – 3D Touch Tips
34:03 – More Camera Tips
39:59 – Battery Saving Tips
48:45 – iPhone…

27 Comments on 175+ iPhone 7 and iOS 10 Tips and Tricks. The Ultimate, Expanded Guide in less than 1 hour!

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  2. The sound of that blop its annoying. I cannot see all the video just because of this

  3. Tip one get a dongle

  4. I shared this to my friend and said this guy deserves way more sub he is a professional ???? xD

  5. VGJ, how do I want to uninstall iOS 11 and downgrade it to iOS 10 without using any Mac? Because I don’t have Mac and please help it lags. .-.

  6. A few more tips to add:
    When it come to privacy of how much data can be seen – creepily though of where you are – head to settings>privacy>locations services>system services>frequent locations … can remove that data

    Locking your camera's focus

    When taking a photo it sets the point of focus but every time you move the camera after choosing the focal point, it disappears. When it does tap the screen, press for a second or two until AF locked box pops up. Now you can twist and turn without losing focus.

    You can correct Siri's pronunciation ……so whenever Siri says something wrong you can tell it by saying "This is not how you say it, then Siri will ask for the correct pronunciation.

    You can create a custom reply for missed calls. When you can't answer your phone, you can create your own reply. Go to settings>phone>Respond with text to create your own message.????

  7. Thanks for sharing. Learnt quite a lot.

  8. Second part of the video starts at 28:38 🙂

  9. Awesome video I now the tips all I need is an I phone ????

  10. Are you sure that there's stereo speakers? I think it's for headphones……. I take that back, cuz I found second speaker 🙂

  11. Any scratches on your phone anywhere

  12. Man puk puk puk is very annoying

  13. What happened to your finger tip

  14. first time iphone user thank you for the video

  15. WTF, Just do a second 75 tips video! The fort 100 are the same from the firs video!

  16. Thanks and wow! I don't know what to say to a man who did 175 tips and tricks! 😀

  17. Awesome vids and keep up the great work!

  18. These tips are really good! I'll tell you what would make them more useful…. If I had an iphone 7

  19. I know the tricks….. All I need is an iPhone 7

  20. He repeated like half the things

  21. Waiting for that live stream

  22. Do you know how to download background music for Cute Cut Pro? If you know or figure out, can you make a video about it? Thanks!

  23. Damn that video length. Good video anyway

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