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2 Awesome School Projects Using Pencil ✏️ || Pencil Life Hacks

2 Awesome School Projects Using Pencil ✏️ || Pencil Life Hacks

Hello friends

In this video i will show you 2 awesome school projects using pencil , 9 volt battery, buzzer etc

1 – LED torch using pencil to demonstrate that graphite present in pencil conducts electricity

2 – water level indicator using pencil

material used

1- Glue gun

2-9 volt battery

3-Bike Buzzer


48 Comments on 2 Awesome School Projects Using Pencil ✏️ || Pencil Life Hacks

  1. I like first one is very ezy and interesting . And second one is very hard I am doing in the project first one but not second one plzz like my comment

  2. I love you so so much

  3. Very help full project (awesome)

  4. I. Have tried it but it doesn't work

  5. I also do this same but it doesn't start ….I mean the graphite is not conducting electricity…..did it happen with anyone else???

  6. Suppereb ????????‍????????????????????????????

  7. me and my boy are just sitting in school watching this for science

  8. Bro show me the circuit diagram

  9. Mr Hacksaw can u please say me what is the name of school project 2 please I need it

  10. Nooooooo it is fake system

  11. Thank you bribery much it is very useful for my science project

  12. Thank you for Apploading this video it is useful

  13. mam. super. it. is. using

  14. I am not understanding how to tuck the wires it's to much confusing!

  15. can you please tell me how you tucked the wires to the switch rom the battery pin pleasee I need it for my school project please!!!

  16. Wow it is so helpful … thank you
    If I'll put this in my admition form then MIT is gauranteed for me

  17. I have subscribed!!!!!????????

  18. Did you use connecting wires?

  19. From where. I can get this sound alarm

  20. Why do graphite conduct electricity?

  21. Thank you bhai mere school project me kam a a jaea ga

  22. The light s can be directly connected to the battery……what is the need of pencil…

  23. U are the true others are fraud????????????????

  24. Bloody Helll all the videos are fake

  25. What is name of these hacks

  26. #i got supplies……..????

  27. #i got supplies……..????

  28. This model worked for me ……..I made it with my Father's help nd it's best model for my science holiday homework

  29. I think it is good as there is bulk of creative ideas

  30. Light q nahi jal raha hai

  31. Bhi pancil me arthing Aayega

  32. This is chemistry project



  34. You are genius and smart

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