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42 Comments on 20 Genius Baking Hacks

  1. Ok let me just get out my avaco- i mean one cup of avocado. Lol

  2. Who wouldn’t know how to make powdered sugar? Smh

  3. Who ever said that u need frosting to enjoy cupcakes….absolutely no one that’s who.

  4. The first one is so fucking dumb. Get a fucking knife??

  5. This literally looks like tasty

  6. To be honest I just clicked on the video to see the comments

  7. You know, insstead of dental floss, you could just use the perfectly good knife thats RIGHT THERE.

  8. Sometimes im convinced this is satire and then they occasionally sprinkle in some actual good ideas and i get confused again

  9. For the cupcake liner hack I think costa might use it because there muffin liners always look like that

  10. 2:25 is a man with a mustache

  11. Over baked cookies? Well Monchity Cronchity I’m still eating them

  12. Does the whisk thing work?

  13. So for the last one ur saying I’ll have cocoa powder but not flour wtf and using a wet towel srsly

  14. 1:48 to 4:20 is a TASTY VIDEO at least mention them and I’m probably sure non of these hacks are original

  15. 3:12. But I don't want to spend another ten hours making cake pops, I just want my cake to come out. But really that one's so dumb. You made a cake because you wanted a cake. You don't want cake pops, you want CAKE. You wouldn't make a cake just to destroy it to make cake pops. If I wanted cake pops I would have made cake pops. And a lot of these are really dumb. Same with the overbaked cookies. I WMATED COOKIES, THAT'S WHY I MADE COOKIES.

  16. OH NO! There is a small crack in my cheesecake! bruh ima just eat it lol, I aint no Gordon Ramsay

  17. Why is this on Nifty but not Tasty?????

  18. Freshly baked cookies over baked??

    Soak them in milk and then eat them
    ( it makes them softer) so then you won’t have to make a whole other dish

  19. No bread crumbs?

    Try oats!

    Or you could just go skkrrt over to the store buy some.

  20. 3:06 is any one else triggered with that HoLe

  21. If you can’t get your cake out of a cake tin, greased or not, and you don’t want it to be ruined (this is especially true when making a bundt cake). Flip your cake time over a cooking rack, and put a washcloth over it that has been soaked in boiling water. This will create steam in the cake tin allowing the cake to come out. For me it works every time

  22. 1% of comments: actual ideas and other things

  23. Yeah, I get it, you put mayonnaise in cake mix.

    but how does that help

  24. Everyone’s complaining about the cookies but..

    WTF, Sour cream and SUGAR?!

  25. I could really do with a slice of cake right now.

  26. I think to point of this video is to tell people that you’re bringing dessert. But not tell them what dessert. So if you decided to make cookies and fail, just make cheesecake

  27. Don't put aluminum in the oven! You could set your house on fire!

  28. Who has no baking powder but has cream of tartar?

  29. So you just made a cheesecake…

    into a cheesecake?

  30. Directed By CAMERON SIMPSON

  31. I mean….c'mon, man. Kneading bread isn't that hard.

  32. Tip: instead of cake pops do cake bites easier and probably uses thing you’ll actually have

  33. Okay, the Mayo tip actually works. Also, just add a shit Ton of Mayo to the cake mix if you are going to use them for cake pops. No icing needed.

  34. Don’t ever add citrus to milk, IT WILL CURDLE. For buttermilk look up diy buttermilk. You’ll find an actual recipe.

  35. Tip: use a shallow cake tin if you can’t find your pie tin

  36. 1:45 is AMAZING. So satisfying

  37. Or if u mess up your cookies what I do is stick a piece of bread on my plate of cookies for ten minutes or longer than I eat them

  38. My friend and I were kind of startled at the idea of just… just destroying a cake. Destroying cookies. So we muted this video and played Billie Eilish's When The Party's Over and viewed the rest of this little hack video in full screen. We laughed so hard we cried. 10/10 experience.

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