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20+ LG V30 Tips and Tricks!

After unboxing and giving you the first 10 things to do, we’ve now got 20+ LG V30 tips and tricks. Like previous LG phones, this phone is packed with settings you’ll want to customize from the lock screen to the camera and home screen. This phone also has a floating bar, shortcuts for launching your favorite apps, DND modes, a blue light filter, vibration settings, and a whole bunch of customizable home screen options.

We’ll have our LG V30 review up shortly!

27 Comments on 20+ LG V30 Tips and Tricks!

  1. God slow down!!! To hyper!!!!

  2. I currently have one, it's okay…in my opinion, the LG G2 was the best one

  3. Does it has a notification LED?

  4. How to lock messages in lg v30. Anyone??

  5. can you get to the quad dac setting if you plug your phone into USB port on your car audio for Android auto and use the dac?

  6. WOW… At 5;03 I had to turn the video off. I'm was totally worn out from listening to you!!

  7. Dude next time get on the train and then film the video, lol just kidding

  8. Holy sweet fuck, slow the ADHD down…

  9. too fast —- sloooowwwww dooowwwnnnn…..

  10. Are the speakers any good…

  11. Hey could u please suggest me some headphones or earphones that can drive the hifi quad dac? I'm from India by the way!

  12. Nice video, next time speak faster, what is the fhuking rush????? Idiot!!!

  13. Sir have questions this can contact along with with tv I mean screen mirroring along with LED TV

  14. Great tips, but dude, you talk way too fast! I have to keep pausing and rewinding just to keep up!

  15. Any idea how to override app permissions so you can override and USE the camera WITHOUT microphone permission???

  16. Can you change the swipe down gesture from search to notification pull down? That should be standard on any large sized phone imo.

  17. I cant get fingerprint on thin q plus

  18. Why don't you talk a little faster so people really can't understand what your saying. Think about it.

  19. I dont have all those settings and I have a brand new K30

  20. How do I deactivated caller ID on LG V30+

  21. This is dumb but cut your nails

  22. Are there any flagship five inch phones with old screen ratio today,missing small phones like LG g2

  23. I got a little burn in display not to noticeable but .. I want to remove it without taking it to dismantle the phone and change my screen … Is that possible ? If yes how ?

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