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2012 CMD Tricks Windows 7

In this video i am gonna show you some awesome cmd tricks.
1: See all the users.
2: Add new users.
3: Change the password on any user.
4: Delete any user

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20 Comments on 2012 CMD Tricks Windows 7

  1. Kjempe bra video! Lærte mye nytt!

  2. go to hell you fool it shows error 5 Acces is denied

  3. are you able to them cmd with out being the user???

  4. where where you when my parents where controlling my pc !

  5. i administrator 🙂

  6. Can you still do chat?

  7. It still does not work, i ran it as admin. What's going on?

  8. My school blocked the cmd on all the computers and all I did was go on the desktop, right-mouse click , make a new shortcut and type in cmd as the shortcut directory and it worked

  9. is there any way to make a guest account be able to run the cmd as an administrator ?

  10. :loop
    goto loop

  11. What if admin has pass (;

  12. You have to run cmd as administrator. Find it in the start menu, right click it, choose "Run as administrator" and then it will work.

  13. it tells me access is denied
    system error 5 has occurred

  14. what Windows are you running

  15. dude, does this still works? because, when i open the "cmd.bat" that i saved. the .bat file just shuts down, it says that there isn't anything called ""

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