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2016 MK 7 Golf R DSG tips and tricks

Get a pen and paper ready, as this is a detailed video offering 9 tips and tricks of the 2016 mk7 vw Golf R DSG!

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  1. Handy Video! I have the same vehicle, lapiz. One thing I want is a more obvious driving mode option on the dash. If it's in eco, normal, or race I want to see it more obviously displayed on the dash, otherwise when I use manual mode with the paddles it removes the tiny D/E/S from the dash. Maybe I'm picky? Haha.

  2. All standards on highline golf ????????

  3. On my golf i have a 2017 1.4lt base get the clock on the screen is to press in the volume button for atleast 3 seconds and can choose 4 different clocks..

  4. It's amazing, there's a piece of standard equipment located in the glove box that owner's never seem to use. It goes by the name of the driver's handbook/manual. Otherwise great videos.

  5. Does this work with a manual cant seem to get it to do it on my golf r

  6. The headlamp washer should work every time you do the windscreen wash and the main lights are on. That's what my Golf GTI does and should be a standard feature with bi-xenon headlights?

  7. The American version I have doesn't have half the shit you have on yours

  8. Came across this channel and I have to admit mate you seem genuine and passionate which is a pleasure to see. You say things how they are, good and bad rather than just blagging it like some people do. I have a question and wondered if you could help. I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on this car, more or less done tbh. Just wondered if you could give us an example of how the audio system Is etc? I've heard decent things about it but can't see anyone actually going into actual details about it. Thanks and keep up the good work mate.

  9. How can you add the digital radio logos to the car seen some videos where you add them from sd card but do you then have to leave sd card in or does it save them and can you only do this for certain infotainment systems as I believe there are a couple of different ones.

  10. The mirrors raise again once you move forward, same principle as atomatic locking.

  11. Rear wiper, stalk away or towards you cant remember, yours is on on position, move it back (or forward) it should click.

  12. Nice one Jay. Added the GPS clock and on the move door locking to my R this morning! Was going to return the favour with rear wiper but notice I've been beaten to it!

  13. The mirrors raise again once you go over 10mph in Drive

  14. On my 3 week old GR7 with discovery nav pro, when the clock is displayed on the screen you can swipe to the side for 4 different clocks

  15. Quick question, if you put the car in D with electric handbrake on, does it disengage?

  16. Can't believe you've only found these out. RTFM ????

  17. Nice video Jay. I agree that the dipping mirrors are a bit odd. Got a bit of a query. I've got a 2016 GTD and my brother has got a 2014 R. So both MK7. They both have stop/start (personally I switch mine off 90% of the time). When I do have mine on and the car comes to rest the engine cuts out. It cuts in again if you touch the throttle or the radar senses the car in font moving away. But my brother can completely stop his R and let it come to rest and keep the engine on. If he comes to rest very very slowly and then hold the brake down the stop/start doesn't happen. If he slows the car normally it does go off. Have you tried that or do you know why that might happen? He is wondering if it's a fault. I can't do it in mine. Even if it comes to rest really slowly.

  18. Jay jay, really grateful you've covered the oil and servicing for me! Another great in depth review, I'd totally agree about the oil and gear box change after the track day, I've noted the performance oil, thanks again, I'm totally glued to your vids haha, my R comes March the first, I went dsg in limestone grey

  19. The passenger side mirror is going to get back up, as soon as the car starts moving forward fast enough for the auto locking to engage, at around 10 mph.

  20. Push/pull the wiper stalk forward/backward to activate/disactivate the rear wiper.

  21. Does urs have a boost gauge under the car menu

  22. Can u make detailed video showing all the sub menus etc?

  23. Tip: Pull the wiper stalk forward to turn the rear wiper off.

  24. For the rear wiper, pull the wiper towards you and it should go back to being off. I'm always accidentally turning my rear one on 🙂

  25. Looks like you have the wiper stick pushed forward which is switching on the rear wiper, pull it back and it should stop.

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