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20 Comments on 23 Crazy Life Hacks for Drill Machine

  1. So ein Scheiß ????????

  2. This all useless. Try hard work like alllll the old times. This is why people don't learn what work is. It's exactly like not learning how to program vs using some dumb web builder that teaches us nothing about coding. When all your tricks run out. Have fun trying to still prove you're a real man to your girlfriend.

  3. Look out eggs! Here comes Mr Inventor and his drill machine!

  4. la flojera motorizada ajajajaja a parte la mitas de sus "ocurrencias" no sirven

  5. Mmmm using a drill with a home made thing on the end to rub cream into your arm. No… thats never going to end in a call for an ambulance!?!?

  6. Just me or is the music fucking annoying

  7. you made my day!!! try to lift your car with a drill machine XD xD XD

  8. I dont think it counts as being an inventor, if you just make shittier versions of things that already exist.

  9. Болтом разъебать ламинат нах

  10. Person: Crap I don't have a whisk to beat my eggs!!
    Him: Got a drill and useless shit?
    Person: Yeah?
    Him: I got you fam

  11. אחענו המופלא, אתב מוכן שאני אשים את הסרטון הזה בערוצי בלי פרסומות ורווחים. פשוט לטובת יהודים שיוכלו ללמוד בחינם (לא תהייה תביעה מצידך או מצד השיר בתוכו?)

  12. Try using a shitty little drill to raise a car jack when it's under a car… ain't gonna happen folks 🙂

  13. Some of these are dumb, but some just fucking genius

  14. Надежда была, что в конце он себе пальцы сломает, но увы…

  15. This is both dangerous and stupid at the same time… I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul…

  16. What smart and cleaver tips and uses. Loved it.

  17. There's a "right tool for the job" and then there's this video.

  18. Yfhjv

  19. Most of these are stupid don't waste your time.

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