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24 Ways To Hack Your Biological Age From Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science | Ben Greenfield

“Learn more from the world’s best teachers LIVE in one of our
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01:55 24 Ways To Biohack Longevity
06:17 Balance Neurotransmitter
08:55 Fix A Leaky Brain’
17:33 Live like limitless and lucky
24:53 Deep sleep
31:02 Clean your Gut
35:15 Control Glycemic variability
41:24 To move and still be able to work
42:25 Become supermodel
43:50 Optimizing your…

27 Comments on 24 Ways To Hack Your Biological Age From Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science | Ben Greenfield

  1. Dive in the North Atlantic when it's 65 degrees and the air temp is 90 degrees. Pretty cool Rush. Thanks for this video Ben awesome stuff

  2. Wim how before workout.

  3. Dude is OBSESSED but I dig it cuz I'm sorta the same. Lol.

  4. He is sharing is experience and someone who is seeking to optimize their body and mind would appreciate his advice.

  5. He has a good life. I am truly into what he’s saying, as someone who wishes to achieve my best in life when it comes to deep sleep and cognition and cellular function.

  6. Even Cristiano Ronaldo is biologically 20 but he doesn't do most of these things…

  7. Banda dikhne mein kaafi zyaada Haryanvi type ka lag raha hai..

  8. One thing I didn’t hear is LAUGHTER it keeps soul happy and young, Old saying is ‘We’re here for a good time not a long time. Ben gets paid to try all these gadgets out.. most ppl couldn’t afford or be arsed buying these things!but he does have some decent points
    So take the best and forget the rest..

  9. I would like to see a physically fit 80 year old who knows what he is talking about – not a young money making marketeer

  10. I like this guy, but I wonder what percentage of these ideas will prove to be incredibly stupid and useless over time.

  11. You also need a good income to afford all this and a good pension

  12. Almost a full hour or psudoscience.

  13. I don't know if you got it but this guy is on an opinnion forming mission for several companies introducing their products to buy. he ruined my respect to his credibility

  14. so i reckon this dude will outlive all of us with these tricks

  15. What does it cost to buy all this?

  16. Feed your soul? Your a real loon if your taking mind altering drugs! Lsd is a demonic door opening your soul to an unheavenly host of problems. You think you can feed your own soul? You quote the bible and are void of life! Jesus said that our food is every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. You are sadly deceived and so is anyone who believes a word that you say.
    Someone else posted that he sounds like David Wolfe. There's a reason: David Wolfe wrote longevity! This is his brainchild. ????????????

  17. Full of productive ???????????? information

  18. I always suspected surfing through the winter was keeping me younger. 🙂

  19. Legumes? Nope. You need to look a bit deeper.

  20. Spirit is everything -the soul is eternal. Everything else follows suit!

  21. white people regurgitate old knowledge & steal the credit

  22. raising kids is much more work than his work

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