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25+ Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro 2017 Tips & Tricks (4k)

Hey guys here are the 25+ Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro 2017 Tips & Tricks (4k).

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41 Comments on 25+ Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro 2017 Tips & Tricks (4k)

  1. pillz face lock yayega ya nahi……Batao na sir…….?

  2. Is there an option to do screenshot by hand swiping ?????, without pressing the home button and hold button ?????

  3. How to get facelock on j7 pro

  4. Too many (and and and) bruh. Cool tips anyway

  5. Thanks!! Very useful???? can anyone tell me how to change my Bluetooth name?:(

  6. Thenks merci merci veri doooooooood vedio

  7. I hate indiand and pakistani people talking english omg its annoying

  8. How can i unblock notification sir?like when you insert otg, it does not show in the notif panel when insert usb.

  9. I cant find Always on display under display 🙁

  10. The call volume of J7 Pro is very high, and I am not able to find any option to reduce volume as default. Can you help?

    Each time I pick a call, I need to press volume down button

  11. Its a very good phone

  12. Face id onlock j7 pro trick plz

  13. Full faltu camera…… ????

  14. Its better than the iphone camera

  15. I am using it this is great

  16. you talk so fast for guiding a new user it is not good.

  17. Does the j7 core have always on display?

  18. I am watch it is nice phone

  19. Aoa
    Please Guide me how to enable vibration on " no mactch figerprint " in samsung galaxy j7 pro……

  20. can you screen shot

  21. 7:01 save the day ,
    how do i activate call wifi ?

  22. can u please state what keyboard you are using ?

  23. Is k jo nechu button hain in ke light on ni hoti

  24. Très beau téléphone mais malheureusement pas assez du Tutos en Français ! Dommage

  25. J7 pro not good for playing pubg. Its so lag.

  26. Literally you're full of shit!

  27. Slow down. You'll get a heart attack my friend. Be careful.

  28. Worst company with customer service support don't buy this volume key pop up automatically and when you go to the service center they will blame you and said this is broken and you are out of worranty

  29. A here here another here on here here here here here????????????????????

  30. Can u screen record in normal apps

  31. How to put front notification led light plz.bro.give me rpl

  32. Thanks!!!????????

    Edit omg heart

  33. Mere j7 pro me menu show nhi ho rha sare apps wallpaper pr agye hen plz someone help me

  34. Where? Where? Where?

  35. its not j7 pro!! its j7 here!!

  36. Can i ask guys. In my j7 pro there is no Always on display how come?

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