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33 Comments on 27.12.2015 – Apache 2.4.9 Remote Exploit [TESTED on Windows 10 x64]

  1. thanks …nice info bro

  2. link for download?

  3. … about starting off without access to the victim machine — gain access to it remotely — and then exploit it…everyone of these videos shows "already gained access" to the victim computer…
    I would like to see actual " penetration" into a remote victim computer….then exploitation….

  4. do you sell it for 10'000 usd? and keep it private?

  5. Sending raw data to backdoor, then why bother exploiting if you already have a backdoor.

  6. are u really hacking or u just trying to show us a fanciful way u used in nc to ur windows machine!

  7. Now can we get the exploit ??

  8. it would have been better if you cud have shared python script also otherwise this video is useless

  9. where to get or did you write it yourself?

  10. Nice, could you please give us a hint? This python script you wrote what does it exploit? A buffer overflow? You found some nasty bug in the apache source code ? It's quite interesting.. I'm aware that , you don't want to share the script but at least give us a hint on what you found there.

  11. i wanted to see how an apache server would be exploited so if you can share the source code please
    at 0:58 i was like OH $HIT

  12. FAKE haha impossible exploit

  13. pura charla no hay exploit

  14. can i get exploit please

  15. MUSIC: Dreams – Lisa Mitchell Dubstep remix

  16. Hello guy, can you give me download link please?

  17. Does this work on 2.4.6 too?

  18. Hello, can you give some pointers on what exploit you did? I have found quite a lot on packetstorm and other sites but still working on how to do it… Thanks

  19. hı dude I m not have ask but what it's music

  20. Good you exploited it, but it does me no good without the exploit.

  21. SOME LINK? PLEASE TO MY GMAIL,, thanks!!

  22. Hola, gran vídeo! pero… ¿quien creo este exploit?

  23. Will you upload the exploit for public?

  24. wow awesome work man
    do you have email i wanna talk to you

  25. PLZ give us the exploit

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