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3 minutes and 45 seconds of new tips and tricks…

3 minutes and 45 seconds of new tips and tricks…

These are some NEW working tips and tricks in v8.31 in Season 8, Fortnite: Battle Royale!


Song: Left Behind by Half An Orange & Inukshuk
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Intro song: Jocelyn Flores (DownTime Remix)

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44 Comments on 3 minutes and 45 seconds of new tips and tricks…

  1. 1:44 It works with the p90 or the drum gun?

  2. How do you know all this? You are insane

  3. Some of these tricks are for PC ????

  4. I should credit Martoz

  5. Orange please make a video about how to download and use skin changer. Pleeeeeaseee

  6. You can simply split materials, ammo and traps by pressing Triangle on PS4. I haven't played on Xbox but I think you need to press Y on Xbox, since the Triangle is the equivalent of Y.

  7. 3 minutes 45 seconds of no clickbait

  8. I used code orange in the item shop

  9. do you even clickbate bro?

  10. I think epic should make the poison trap into 50 or 25 damage

  11. Your Videos insane

  12. What was the last clip?

  13. Great video man I’ve been subbed since the CoD Glitches

  14. Ill show u guys a glitch

    Use support a creator code : orange

  15. Thats 3 minutes and 22 seconds of tips and tricks 🙁

  16. Screw all those people who disliked

  17. U should start having your intro music in your main video sometimes

  18. You've grown in subs so much since mwr days and now ur never on ps4

  19. pls can you tell me what the music is on ur intro

  20. The last number of likes is who you are
    1. Aimbotter
    2. Fast Editor
    3. Solo Squad King
    4. That One Guy That Has More Wins Than Ninja (5000+)
    5. The Camper
    6. That One Kid From School That Says He Has 300000 Wins But Really Has 12
    7. The Sniper God
    8. Trickshot King
    9. The Bot
    0. The guy who only plays team rumble and counts them as wins. Then when u search their name up they have 0 solo and duo wins because they only get carried by squads fill

    I doubt anyone will read this part but I wish the best of luck to your families ????I know I can't get famous overnight but I'm really trying ????I just want one chance like everyone else????

  21. These strats are amazing man

  22. But… If the enemies has been 0 ping i lose and they won.

  23. 2.32 not for console btw

  24. Should say for pc players

  25. is anybody here playing on console?

  26. Vid start at 0:20 so those are 4 min and 25 seconds of new tip and tricks

  27. And now Epic Games is gonna vault the bow ????

  28. CLICKBAIT its says 3 mins 45 secs but the vid is only 3:44 mins long

  29. Clickbait there was a intro

  30. 1;17 u'll get trapped ????

  31. 2:24 is there any way i can do this on the ps4 ??
    like guys please to let orange juice read this and thanks

  32. Dobar video pozz iz hrv

  33. Correction: 3 minutes and 25 seconds

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