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30+ Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 Tips and Tricks

In this video lets see more than 30 samsung galaxy j7 2016 tips and tricks
1. How to quickly launch camera application.
2. How to enable single handed or one handed mode.
3. How to move multiple applications from one home screen to another
4. Lock screen and its customizations.
5. Home screen and its cutomizations.
6. How to add color to folders.
7. Notification tray and its customizations.
8. What is SOS msgs
9. Assistant menu.
10. Ultra data saving mode.
11. Ultra power saving mode.

33 Comments on 30+ Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 Tips and Tricks

  1. Stop saying HANDY HANDY HANDY

  2. sir samsung j7 6 ko maine update kiya tha ab screen main apps ke background main wallpaper light bhut kam ho geyi hai ….toh kya kar ab main

  3. 16 waa arahi nahi disvription me

  4. ????????????????????

  5. How to enable multi window? What minute?

  6. It really works! Tq

  7. Hi, please tell me how to remove clock from lock screen of Samsung galaxy j7

  8. Tell us how to cast on j7 2016

  9. Bhai malti window wali application Ka link do

  10. Very very nice vedio dear i like this

  11. J7 is actually amazing!
    Im happy owning one.
    Akala ko alam ko na lahat yun pala i still have so much to learn. Thank u so much for this. ????????????

  12. Bhai koi bhi mat lena samsung galaxy j7 addition 6 me extended warranty krane ke bad bhi bahut pareshan hu
    1 hang hota hai
    2 Back ka batan kam nahi kartahai
    3 Display kabhi kabhi bilkul white ho jati hai
    4 Heat hota hai
    5 speekar se voice nahi aati hai

    Service senter jane ke bad bolte hai ye sahi hai mene iski vedeos bhi bna rakhi h kabi kabi kam nahi karti display my name is israr
    Mob no 8826077920

  13. I use j700f in my phone front camera failed what shall i do? Please guide to me
    I tried clear data & cache also

  14. VERY INFORMATIVE!! Ty ????

  15. How to unblock number from j7 sky pro

  16. My phone j7 2016 my phone automitically data off after use 30 minute any infrmtion

  17. My 3rd time is not working

  18. Great video! Thanks! I've been having problems with the Google icon disappearing!????Can't fix it!

  19. Pretty useless. I was expecting something more interesting.

  20. Hi nice.. I have a prob in Samsung j7.. Actually have given my sim to mobile shop for changing the sim size.. To check we have inserted sim and found that my mobile started as new one.. Wr I lost all my settings gallery songs etc.. Is there any idea to get it back

  21. Nice very useful thank you for video

  22. I have same phone.but updated
    The software change the feature that have inutially

  23. Samsung galaxy j76 fingerprint nahi h

  24. how to key light on talk me please??

  25. Trick 1 not working ????

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