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Summer is the ultimate camping and traveling time. And I want to help you make this time most comfortable and fun possible with these hacks.

I often faced this problem on the beach. When you need to take off your swimming panties wet from the water but all dressing booths are occupied and you’re in a hurry, no time to wait. I got you! Check out the way to take off your panties without taking your shorts or pants off.

Take your scissors and cut them on the both sides. Then…

30 Comments on 35 CLEVER CAMPING HACKS

  1. Do you like camping? Where did you go to the campsite not so long ago? And where are you planning in the near future? Which of this hacks will you use?

  2. 4:44 your dirty white shirt is now a clean orange shirt 😉

  3. When your camping how would you have this meany supplies. And the bug repellent it’s cheaper to just buy insect repellent

  4. Here is And easier way to have a shower while camping, use wet wipes????

  5. Omg there all related to the tumb nail!

  6. you are too good

  7. now these are good

  8. 1:38 who was very disturbed? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  9. Who else always watches 5-minute crafts but never actually try them????

  10. do not use to much of plastic

  11. I just realized….THEY COPIED BLOSSOM!??

  12. 3:34 spongebob getting high on soap.

  13. So new veidio bad vd

  14. رووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووعة واو

  15. I don't get 8:09
    So you take out the match in its small box to put it in a large jar?

    P.S not that large but bigger ya know?

  16. 2:25 where does the water came from

  17. at a store

    Employee: That'll be $16

    Customer: Ok one second, gotta get my cash pulls out bar of soap

    Employee: in his head dis bich crazy

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  18. 13:51 did anyone notice that that dollar bill was a $2 dollar bill? unless that’s just my eyes playing tricks on me

  19. the safeguatd that he put his money how he will get it back?

  20. اضغط ????????

  21. "Oh wait where's my 20 dollar bill? It totally isn't in my bar of soap"

  22. Im camping in my house is that the same as if you j
    Had a tent camping

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