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3D Scan with Xbox Kinect and K-Scan: Beginners Tutorial

A beginners tutorial on using a microsoft Kinect as a 3D scanner using a windows computer and free software, K-Scan.
Learn to create impressive 3D models for animating or 3D printing using nothing but a standard microsoft XBox kinect.

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28 Comments on 3D Scan with Xbox Kinect and K-Scan: Beginners Tutorial

  1. So what 3d printer do you use

  2. Hey, at 7:15 how you select all, i am unable to do so

  3. Did you get around to making the photogramatry tutorial?

  4. i'm sure there's a reason this is different from just using a regular camera to gather the scans? but youve taken so many scans that i cant imagine not getting the same model from using as many smartphone images in K-Skan

  5. Why is my kinect not working

  6. tried the software you and not install my Kinect just wondering is it due to using windows 10 tried all the versions and still will not scan to find the Kinect looks like I will have to spend a lot of money to buy a 3D scanner but what to go for….great video by the way…

  7. Hi. Thanks a lot for the tutorial! I made an scan only one turn (360º, fixed Kinect angle), and I got an scanned model.
    But I made another one with two kinect angles (two turns with different angle, as I understand you suggest in the video), and result was a complete mess… Should I tell the program that there are 2 turns anywhere?

  8. How come yours is in colour please help

  9. The breathing and mouth noises 🙁

  10. This is very helpful! Thanks for the tutorial.

  11. But now you just did photogrammetry…???

    This is a far worse final result than what 30 photos of a phonecam would make…

    The only thing your kinect did was to hold you on a wire and making far worse pictures than any phone could.

    Kinect's a champ for MoCap in the same way as a simple smartphone's the champ for photogrammetry.

    Photogrammetry needs high quality pixel information. Depth never was a problem, I dont see why you should want to use a kinect…….

  12. If I scan my balls and slong and send it to hot chick on dating site it would be 3d?

  13. If I was to scan my head, would it scan to scale so I could use it as a template for cosplay helmets

  14. I couldn't find the video about photogrammetry. Can you reply with a link?

  15. I'd suggest you don't remove the unnecessary points one scan at a time, select them all and you can clean up all of them very quick.

  16. Thank you!! I will try !!! ????

  17. Would you happen to be a reptile?

  18. I like how the kinect was specifically designed for games but absolutely failed in that category but when it came to other stuff like these,it does quite an excellent job.

  19. so glad this is a thing! I tried skanect but I'm not paying €130 for that! I'd rather use this!

  20. Is this better then using photos?

  21. I get an empty mesh, what´s the problem ?

  22. When you export, can you turn it into a step file or ipt, so you can modify it??.

  23. just tried it and it works well with no issues. Thanks for the video.

  24. I wonder if this can be used to scan the interior of a car? Our company builds roll cages for competition cars and the CAD information for the bodyshell isn't always available. If I could use the Kinect to scan the interior, I can then export to CAD to build the model for the roll cage. This would be especially useful for older vehicles where interior CAD data does not exist.

  25. Hi, Looks great What formats does it support for exporting?

  26. Oof alignment did not work for me in the slightest.

  27. This video made me a fan, just subscribed. Thank you for giving us knowledge for free

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