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40 LG G3 Tips & Tricks

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The LG G3 is a smartphone of many abilities. Here, we’ve rounded up 40 tips & tricks to help you get to know LG’s most powerful smartphone ever like the back of your hand…

50 Comments on 40 LG G3 Tips & Tricks

  1. 2018 Lg g3 still working . ????

  2. Nice accent. The only reason I'm thinking about moving on is because the rounded back is not really compatible with car vent phone holders. I do have a boring mono colored case that fixes that problem. Now that you mention p o r n security feature, maybe I keep. See? I have jokes too. I have several spare batteries and chargers so I am invested. My hotspot is forbidden because I'm not Verizon and using it unlocked.

  3. do you are Bulgarian ?

  4. Where did you get your case from sir..

  5. So… the start of the video shows full battery, near the end it's about 1/3 full, ouch. I'm assuming it was all done on one charge.

  6. hii
    i want to use volte in lg g3 after marshmallow can you help d855 indian version

  7. about 10 were new for me ty

  8. is this phone still worth buying in 2016

  9. my quick circle case doesn't work. as it doesn't recognise it

  10. the animation options in developer options allows the phone to work better if u set it to .5

  11. готино е да видиш малко български смс-и 😀

  12. How can I change the clock widget on the lockscreen pls on android L ?

  13. The Battery Saver option creates a notification message that can't be swiped away, even when it's not below the battery level threshold that you set!

    In other words, if your battery is at 60% and you set BS to kick in at 30%, you still have to stare at the dumb notification telling you that it will kick in at 30%. Held down the message to try to "stop notifications" but it can't be done 🙁

  14. I loovveeee my g3. and great video!

  15. Hi, great video!!! Thank you so much. There is one feature mi LG G3 that is missing, in 7:32 Customize lock-screen shortcuts, there is nothing between Missed calls & New Messages and Weather animation, mi LG G3 is LG-D855P, do you know why this happens? Thank you. XD

  16. 2:24 – I wondered why I couldn't find it – Its called 'touch assistant' on my particular version (D855/UK version). Good video, thanks.

  17. why everyone have at "home touch buttons" that option "transparent background" and i don`t have it ? how can i  make it apear there?

  18. I don't like LG period! Everything they make from stove ranges to phones suck!!!!

  19. Dude, the video is good but your accent stops me from understanding anything. I understand that you work hard and respect that but please at leats try to supress your accent.

  20. do you have a video on how to root lg g3 androit 5.0? if you do please tell me the link and if you dont PLEASE MAKE!!

  21. Very nice thank you

  22. Also with lg g3 you cant take 4k video longer than 5 minutes, than outside temperature is 20+ video lengh max 2 minutes because it overheats quickly.

  23. Steve Jobs last iphone 4 is still working like charm, dont see any problems. works 3-5 days of use, no having problems with new IOS updates. While samsung galaxy S3 is dead and forgotten, i know 5 people who used a S3 and they all experienced problems. I have iphone 4 and iphone 5 and i am not experienced any problems. Also i recently bought lg g3, i like it more than iphones, but experienced few unexpected shutdowns, i think its something wrong with radio because shutdowns happen than i use radio, also i dont like than android upgrade apps by it self it eats my battery, also quick circle is pissing me off, than phone is in my pocket it switches on by it self, camera overheats (what was suprise for me, because iphone cameras never heats). And i dont understand for what is removable battery??? If you got battery bank charger on travel or journey than is no need for extra battery. Most memory cards, expecially cheap ones are bad, because of data loss, you make a picture and it disapears somehow!!! Androids have a lot nice features, but also a lot shitty things. Where is so many things to improve and androids are far away from apple quality.

  24. The only thing better than getting these shortcuts is this guy.  He's just so entertaining without actually trying!

  25. hello can i disable the laser when i am shooting  people ?

  26. Is he using a tempered glass screen protector on this g3?

  27. Do you have a tip how to automatically resize photos when sending photos to someone through e-mail? I tried many apps from Play Store and none of them can't batch resize from the e-mail app… It's a PITA as iPhone had this feature for quite some time…

  28. How to show lock screen #weather animation ? F460s

  29. Thanks to you for all these useful tips!

  30. Great video. very useful, to the point. Makes you want to buy the phone. Gives you lots of features other videos don't. Great job. More videos of this kind.

  31. Note: I've heard some people ask why have a "guest mode" feature? Well, one perfect example: you have a 5-year-old who loves playing a game. You set the guest mode to lock out Internet access so your kid can't use the browser and buy extras on the game. Most users tend to have one website hotlinked to their credit card and yes, I have one too. It can prevent surprises on your credit card bill.

  32. I knew all of these ''tips and tricks'' …just normal functions….

  33. Largol you do have a point there. I use to own an iPhone, I've had the 3gs and hated it and went back to my beloved android phones. Then I tried the iPhone 4s and loved it I stayed with the iPhone line for awhile cause I was tired of all the android phones lagging or apps force stopping or the phone locking up. I was actually excited for the new iPhone 6 and when I seen the 6plus I hated the size of it and if I wanted all the great new options I would have to get the plus. So I started doing research and really have always liked The LG line of electronics and the new G3 looked like a great phone. I went and tried it out and really liked it and loved the footprint of the phone. If LG makes another great phone to follow up this G3 I'll stick with them, if not I'll find one that will fit my needs, maybe a Samsung phone in the future we shall see.

  34. Does anyone know the current price?

  35. i want to throw my iphone5 now..

  36. I was messing with the color and holy crap this looks awesome

  37. I like the videos and the phone but u must talk more clear, it's hard to understand some of the things u said

  38. it is absolutely not an imitation of Samsung, is really different. But of course they are both using the same Android OS. I like also note 3 but i dont understand people  spending so much for  a Apple telephone which is offering so bad quality nowaday. If Steve Jobs could see the Iphone 6 he should fire a lot of people in Apple Company.

  39. no comparison with Apple phones (6plus ) included. LG g3 is fantastikkk, i personilize all the icon and is working perfectly. I love it because is very easy to use. i advise to buy the circle case. I got a lot of compliments for the photo quality.

  40. Why is it that people who own Samung phones have to talk shit on all other phones? If this was an iPhone video they would be talking crap about them and the iPhone and now I see them doing the same thing on here about all other phones also. It must be like those guys who drive big loud obnoxious cars for attention, you know the same ones who act like there car is, totally obnoxious. I've had all different types of phones starting with the Google G1, first android phone made and I've had many other android phones even several Samsung devices. I had the Galaxy S2 and loved it except for all the bloatware that Samsung puts on it's devices, like my mom's Galaxy S3 and my baby mommas Galaxy S5. I finally had to switch to the iPhone due to all the problems Android phones had at the time. I never thought I would go back to Android again after I got the iPhone but I always kept checking out the new android phones and I finally found one that I love again. I gotta give it to LG and Android on coming together to put out such a great device. If your into Samsung with all it's bloatware and how they abandon their devices after a short time cause they are coming out with to many new upgraded devices then that's your prerogative. If others like myself wish to choose something else then like you that's our choice.

  41. Thanks, this was helpful. 

  42. Very helpful. Thank you!

  43. Wow u must be Bulgarian very good english by the way:))

  44. ******Accessaiibility…lol**

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