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5 Cool Ways to Hack Your Spices! • Tasty

We are talking ALL things spices and sharing our favorite hacks to elevate your dishes! Be sure to check out our PRIME DAY deal for the Tasty spice kit today and tomorrow only! Get it or gift it here ????

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47 Comments on 5 Cool Ways to Hack Your Spices! • Tasty

  1. So just an advertisement…

  2. spices and fruits…..YUK!!!!!????

  3. Hi ther can you please tell me wear i can buy them. Thankyou.

  4. You need to learn to like broccoli for broccoli's sake She laughs

  5. The only useful "hack" was the dry rice hack

  6. worse clickbait ever ????????

  7. If you are reading this comment, stop wasting your time on this video! This is just a long Tasty advertisement for their spices!

  8. Gordon Ramsey would love this kit of S E A S O N I N G

  9. In this video:
    Kanchan: Wake the fk up Spices, we have a stomach to burn.

  10. Drinking Game: Take a shot everytime she says flavor

  11. Omg y’all are trash just promoting your new spice blends… come up with something else

  12. Are tasty products available in UAE

  13. ???? Advertisement ????

  14. Really? Not only is this just a infomercial, but you’re also crossing the picket line with your Amazon ad? Smh

  15. Most of these spices seem really spicy.

  16. Can you use the Compound Butter Hack for Compound Oil?

  17. Spicy fruits??? Nani

  18. How are pre-made spice mixes a "hack?" This is just a commercial.

  19. Never seen so many dislikes on a Tasty video, ever! . . . What's up world?

  20. I just got duped into watching an extra long promotional ad 🙁 Boo

  21. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    The fruit color is very pretty. 4:01
    want to eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Cool ways to hack your spices more like..
    Cool ways to promote our stuffs.

  23. No one wants to buy overpriced spice blends, least of all people who actually care about the food they're making. I know you have to pay the bills Tasty but fuck me, couldn't you sell out with a sponsor spot for square space or whatever like everyone else?

  24. amazing food making tips, keep it up.

  25. Has I draw you cook season 2 ended

  26. Don't know if it's my weak english, but I didn't get the dry rice powder thing, what is that for?

  27. Did you actually just put some hot spice powder on fruit?

  28. Is she Indian.!?? ????????????????

  29. This is basically tutorial how to use Tastys seasoning☹????

  30. Beside the obvious advertisement, what the fuck was that pasta at 5:10 ? Am I supposed to trust the taste of someone who soaks overcooked pasta with a cup of tomato sauce?

    I swear I'm one terrible video away from unsubscribing..

  31. My mom didn't need to do that 'coz she is Southeast Asian.

  32. Hindu eating beef? Now that's what I call nice.

  33. Not cool tasty. Not cool.

  34. Did anyone else think they were gonna talk about what kinds of spices to use for which types of foods, rather than advertise?

  35. Tasty resorting to clickbait like so yummy…?

  36. For fruit use tajin, trust me it’s fucking B O M B

  37. how is this hacking MY spices? this is how to use YOUR splice blends which don't seem that spectacular

  38. I didn't know bakugo could cook

    And was a girl

  39. I thought this channel had high quality recipes. What is this?

  40. These blends still miss major ingredients like garum masala , dhania powder etc. I believe this is a sponsored advert

  41. I thought she put Tajín on the fruit in the thumbnail…

  42. For the white rice powder. Basically rice flour?

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