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These short, simple life hacks are based on physics. Detangle your headphones, remove sticker residue, check if sunglasses are polarized, cool your car faster, and avoid getting static shock!

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  1. so this has worked for me for years, and my friends and family also use this method every chance they get.
    so basically;
    when you’re hungry, you just go eat.
    it’s pretty simple and works everytime!!

  2. so i don’t really use this anymore, but if it’s hard for you to not snooze every chance you get, this is for you:

    place your phone/alarm clock in the other end of your room or somewhere that requires that you stand up to turn it off.
    when you’ve done that for quite some time, it’s much easier to get up because your body is used to getting up right away.

  3. My disappointment is the fact that you're a smart, intelligent person but you got on the band wagon of inappropriately using the word 'hack' these are not hacks they're 'tips and tricks'.

  4. Another way to easily check weather sunglasses are polarized is to look at another pair of polarized sunglasses and tilt your head back-and-forth. If both lenses are polarized, the ones you’re looking at will turn almost completely opaque.

  5. Life hack. Got a spare esp8266 laying around? Solder it to a relay board then plug it into your computer, program the chip to respond to voice commands through multiple softwares. Ta-da, easy smart home. Don't have a spare esp8266? What kind of creature are you? Like, seriously.

  6. Hahaha. Like anyone uses wired headphones anymore.

  7. Sort out your headphone with science: airpods.

  8. Before doing a dirty job, take a bar of soap and dig your nails in it. This will keep the dirt and junk from getting under your nails! So much easier to clean your hands and nails.

  9. Wow this was way too short of a video

  10. I wrap my earbuds like normal, but leave like 1 or 2 turns loose, wrap it around the main wrap, then thread the jack through one of the holes.
    Never have to worry about tangling, and they stay in a small form factor.

  11. What about circular polarised?

  12. About the headphones. I use headphones with thicker cable. like this: and than fold it in a half a 2 or 3 times. when I need them i start at the middle joint and pull. the ends are untangled right away.

  13. My bicycle rear safety light turned off when I hit bumps due to the batteries briefly losing contact. Wedged the leads of a 50µF (micro farad) capacitor into the contacts in parallel i.e. the positive of one battery and the negative of the other.
    The capacitor continues to supply power to the lights during the very brief time the batteries are disconnected.
    Just guessed the value but it worked perfectly.

  14. Didnt expect to fall in love today, did she science me into falling for her? ????

  15. Improvement on your headphone life hack, tie the end (plug) of the headphone around both the ear buds.

  16. Polarized glasses makes my eyes swollen ????????‍♂️ don’t know why

  17. Sorry, my car is made out of amber rods.

  18. What was before the big bang?

  19. Here is a mystery related to the headphones.
    Why does "normal" phone use introduce more coils into the cord between the hand set and the base? When you pick up the phone and talk, then hang up, you never introduce more coils. But after repeated calls, the cord gets all coiled up. Why?

  20. I just thought of one to pick up girls: show them your life hacks, hehe (that’s creepy).

  21. sunglases, will not work on most samsung phones, or others with amoled tech

  22. Late to the party, but if anybody puts their hands on the side of my car they're getting these hands on the side of their face.

  23. WD-40 makes me feel bad.

  24. If you have issues climbing stairs, anchor a length of bungie cord to the top. Gravity will help you stretch it to the bottom where you anchor it. When you need to go back upstairs, simply take a firm grip of the cord and unanchor it and let the stored energy pull you back up the sairs, reducing the effort you need to make. Warning! Do not attach to small children or pets. Our testing suggests it does not end well.

  25. For the polarization test, you can just take two pairs and put the lenses at right angles. This removes the variables such as ~screens are usually polarized~ and ~screen protectors may…~. It also prevents the problem where it might be problematic to remove the screen protector. However, this doesn't work if they are almost, but not quite, entirely sold out.

  26. Yep I do the figure 8 with headphones along with a ponytail holder. Super easy to manage!

  27. When cooking Hamburger Helper, don't cover the pan. Then you don't have to wait another ten minutes for it to thicken. Bachelor hacks.

  28. Wat? I've never been shocked by a car

  29. Reactions should be renamed to Chemist girl

  30. Gasoline is an oily solvent, perfect for removing adhesive, or you can make your own oily solvent with oil… and a solvent… like alcohol… and you can add oil to either to prevent clouding certain plastics, then just rinse with soap and water.

  31. Thank you for your channel.
    You make physics fun and interesting.
    My little nieces and nephews love your channel.
    Once again thank you ????

  32. #lamelifehack.
    To stop your windows from fogging up when you get in your car on a cold day. Don't breath…
    To stop a cat from leaving prints on your car. Put catnip on your neighbors car…
    To get your lazy husband off the couch. Buy a love seat.
    If your door does not open. Turn the handle…

  33. Schrodinger's cat's theory is it is still alive…..

  34. I had never heard of anything called a life hack, we used to call it useful information. As opposed to useless information. But then I do not waste my life texting either.

  35. Here's a Lifehacker for the hot car, fanning the heat out with the car door. I found it most effective bringing all windows down except the fanning door so the larger surface makes a larger fan. The only downside is wearing down the door hinge especially if is an older car.

  36. I touched the i phone head phones ):

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