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5 PROCREATE HACKS that will BLOW YOUR MIND in Just 2 Minutes!

5 PROCREATE HACKS that will BLOW YOUR MIND in just 2 minutes!
Try these 5 tips to speed up your workflow in Procreate app on the iPad Pro.

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47 Comments on 5 PROCREATE HACKS that will BLOW YOUR MIND in Just 2 Minutes!

  1. Thanks! Love them. ????

  2. wow theres always something more to learn lmao

  3. Yeah I had to click on this video just to talk about how you took the harder route of photoshopping six fingers onto your hand rather than just putting up five fingers lol ????that bit got me.

  4. As promised – that really did BLOW MY MIND! Thanks for sharing!

  5. HOW DID THEY THINK TO DO ALL THESE HACKS???? Like what? I’m blown away.

  6. Amazing! Thank you! I didn’t know any of them although I’m using Procreate for 2 and a half years now????

  7. thanks for your great hacks! what do you use on your apple pencil? does it give more grip? thanks

  8. I've gone a whole year not knowing these!! Who knows what else I don't know! Ian knows!

  9. Best video I’ve seen all day

  10. Thank you, I learned something.

  11. Thumbnail: 6 fingers

  12. Hey man! Do you know how I can switch the side bar to the right hand side? I'm a lefty.

  13. How did you create the Star shape so it would appear when you tapped the screen?

  14. Holy wow! Great tips! Thanks!

  15. Didn’t know two of those tips. Thanks for this tutorial.

  16. Holy shit all super helpful. thank you

  17. This is the first hack video that I have watched that actually has good useful hacks that I didn’t know about.

  18. Very useful. Many thanks for share this tips with us!

  19. Did you use procreate to give yourself six fingers?

  20. I already knew everything accept for the un pinch to go back to the previous zoomed canvas •_•

    I'm blown

  21. where did you get the star stamp brush from? did you make it yourself?

  22. A tip is not a hack

  23. Mind blown! ???? Subscribed!

  24. Didnt know these!! The zooming while resizing things is a game changer

  25. How u get this brush a “ star “ ⭐️

  26. OMG thank you for the quick pinch to fill screen size… I was searching how to do this for ages.

    Is there a gesture for simply straightening the canvas up at current zoom?

  27. Wow my life is a lie.


  29. Thanks! I just got my iPad last night and I couldn't figure out how to clear a layer or how to get it back to full screen. I was wasting time trying to zoom back out and creating new layers. Awesome tips.

  30. fit to screen was a great tip, i wonder why it didn't have such function or setting for that

  31. Fast good and friendly presentation of the tips – all new top me as a starter. Thx so much for the nice vid!!

  32. That was great! You really nailed it, and your sense of humor is charming, plus no silky gonzo camera work or background music up waaaay to loud. Could hear you, see your examples clearly, and you delivered what you promised, 5 great skills to know in Procreate! Ok, I’m subscribing ????

  33. So helpful! Thanks!

  34. Excellent! Subscribing now!

  35. Thanks! Get a good mic for your videos ???? ????

  36. Freaking amazing! Thank you!

  37. is there any short cut for horizontal flip ?

  38. Most of these can easily be found out, and more, with the procreate handbook!

  39. Wow! How can you go back to the pen you were using when you change to another one? I always forget!

  40. Oh thank you!!!!! Number one was driving me nuts. Genius x

  41. Your thumbnail has 6 fingers ????????

  42. Also, that trick about copying the drawing brush to the eraser—it goes both ways, and you can do the same thing with the smudge tool. How cool is that!?

  43. DUDE! three of those tips were totally new to me and super useful. Thanks!

  44. Good lord that was awesomely helpful!!

  45. I didn’t know…three of those five tips! And I didn’t think the second one was possible! Amazing work!

  46. 17 people are just grumpy and 1.9k + are happy to see this video and I’m one of them.

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