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5 Spelling Bee Tips and Tricks

Can you spell “fibrinogen?” How about “hexamethonium?” We have five tips and tricks to help you spell the toughest words like the contestants in the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

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28 Comments on 5 Spelling Bee Tips and Tricks

  1. Sorry, I just need to rant for five seconds. Me and this girl were the last two and we were going a few rounds in when the lady the TEACHER(the girl I was going up against went to school there) asks me a question that WASN'T on the list ( I checked twice). It costed me first place, not that I would have won, the girl went to NASIONALS

  2. im so scared aaaa

  3. So, who's entering the 2019 spelling bee? I was runner up last year so every body's scared of me… Lol.

  4. I’m in fourth grade currently, I won my school spelling bee last year but decided not to go to regionals. I won today and I’m trying to figure out if I want to go or not. The words are so dang weird and ridiculously long.

  5. Going to compete in the county spelling bee
    My first time!!!!!
    Press like to wish me luck!!!!

  6. im doing a spelling bee this year, and this time im not losing last place in the district bee XD

  7. I'm in 6th grade and I need to win this year in my school. I'm always a finalist but I always fail at the sudden death round


  9. lmao why is there a summer car care

  10. Y everyone saying I have tomorrow

  11. I'm gonna fucking do it lad's!

  12. Omg my spelling bee is tommorow thats why im watching this video

  13. OMG spelling bee is so frustrating I did one in school woow

  14. I think that the National Spelling Bee is like spelling prom

  15. I have a spelling bee tomorrow, wish me luck!! .v.

  16. I’m doing my school spelling bee, wish me luck! ❤️

  17. How to win spelling bee:
    1. Hear the any word
    2. Spell it: "B E E"

  18. I'm going to have a spelling bee tomorrow, HOPE I WILL PASS

  19. I am gunna do my school spelling bee guys, wish me luck.

  20. I'm in 3rd grade and me and my friend Cara are in the spelling bee which is tomorrow it's so cool ???? it's on 11/18/16

  21. Today I found out that our spelling bee was tomorrow and the teacher never told us, and I am super nervous because I only have tonight to study!

  22. Today I'm In 3rd Grade I Won The Spelling Bee so now I gotta go against 4th grade then if I win that I go against the whole apple day/Jhonson county Apple carnival and if I win that I Get A Throphy and Getta be in the apple day parade wish Me Luck!

  23. i made it to my school bee im going against other 6th , 7th , and 8th graders at the end of jan

  24. Going to have spelling bee competition later…. Goodluck for us xD

  25. This video really helped! ( have a spelling bee tomorrow )

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