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Hey guys. Here are my 5 tips and tricks to help you play zed in laning phase. I hope it will help you. Thank you for 8000 subscribers!

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  1. best zed combo r/e/w/q/r

  2. My best trick is the toxic 0/17

  3. Is it weird that i already use all of them in addition to other shit

  4. hey man i have zed lvl 5 and im still weak whats the best trick that i can do to become a bit better at playing zed?

  5. Plz make video more about zed

  6. Nice Video, Enjoyed A Lot, New sub ^^.

  7. 2:40 rip Gragas no assist ;-;

  8. Good video bro u are not fame but do it right and u will be, good luck at this point. Never back down and u will have 1000000 subscribers u can really do it i trust in u !

  9. Thanks for ur video man, I just started playing LOL and when i played Zed its so hard to combo. Thanks for ur advice u really helped me a lot

  10. i love the combo r w q e hit

  11. I do not know what elo this is im guessing below plat but most of these tricks rarely work in higher elo

  12. Dancing blade is the deadliest"

  13. thx relly helpfull

  14. nice basic tips, you sound like you would fall asleep any moment thou xd

  15. Favorite trick on Zed is the "git gud kid" technique where I completely murder the ever living fuck out of the enemy team until they die from it, it's also known as the "Zed is not meant to be played like a sane person" technique. Zed's best attribute is that he constantly blinks all over the place with his shadows so its like he's everywhere at once, a Zed player that can keep track of his shadows and when to blink to them is terrifying because it's like he really is everywhere. The enemy team won't know how to fight this Zed player because every time they try to hit him he swaps places with his shadow. It can be hard to learn how to keep track of the shadows especially if you have ulted and have your W's shadow out too if you're only playing Zed in actual games. I found that using a target dummy for this in the Practice Tool is a good way to get a handle on it and get a better feel for where the shadows are. Start slow then try to do the combo faster and faster until you can do it so fast that no one in a real game could react to it in time. This is also how I perfected Shurima shuffle and Thresh's W, Q, E combo (this one requires a partner to perfect so the practice tool only helps with timing)

  16. Now my history will be alive again thank you m8

  17. So sad you took the same vid and you just put your voice in to it with the same words

  18. i love zed, no homo

  19. i like the wrefq combo

  20. this helped me alot 😀 one day u will be famous

  21. Man,u are awesome 😀

  22. +1 sub +1 like gj man 😀

  23. My favourite trick is the "thinking I'm faker but goes 0/37" trick

  24. my best combo vs tryndamere is r wait 2 sec and fast combo ewq and izi kill

  25. i love this guy no kappa pride

  26. Bro try some editing it will be good

  27. u have no idea how effective the afk zed trick is in silver/gold elo

  28. very good video m8

  29. Did somebody know when can i buy championship zed? date please xd

  30. Un comentario en español :v

    Hablas español? v:

  31. "Dancing blade is the deadliest"

  32. nice talking bro, best zed i ever seen

  33. Man I am main Zed cuz of ur tips ty bro ????

  34. My best trick with zed is watch your videos xD

  35. Adk zed definetely works for me was diamon1 now bronse5 haha jk

  36. I always take long sword and I always find with zed eze to kill people lvl 3 so I always poke till lvl 3 with my q to prepare and then kill them with the weq combo then tp to me shadow and igniteI knew all those tricks btw but great vid anyway 🙂

  37. I see zed player, I throw a shuriken on the subscribe button. ^_^

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