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5 ultimate hacks to unblock CMD at school (New!)

Instructions: (If you don’t have notepad at school, take it in a memory stick)

Method 1:
a) open up a folder (any folder) and right click “New”, then “Shortcut”.
b) type in CMD and click next and finish.
c) if it still doesn’t work when you open, then keep the shortcut and right click “new”, “shortcut” again and type in: “REG add HKCUSoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftWindowsSystem /v DisableCMD /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f” (without ” “).
d) click next, then finish.
e) double click your new shortcut and…

8 Comments on 5 ultimate hacks to unblock CMD at school (New!)

  1. This video has not been approved by the Microsoft Corporation, but will not be removed.

  2. method 4 change @echo off command @echo on to %ComSpec%

  3. doesn't work just open and closes.

  4. It kinda works but i don't have any acsess to the commands i want

  5. Yo, At our school they blocked .bat files and .exe, any tips on how to unblock ;)?

  6. Sorry I'am a vietnamese I have a problem
    in my school CMD have Disbale and i can't run any program(.exe,.bat,.vbs,.*) but i don't know why the notepad++ it can't run when i click right menu on file text and select "Edit with notepad++)
    Can you help me thank

  7. It should yes
    In fact there's more ways in xp

  8. Dose this work for Windows XP?

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