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  1. 50 Fortnite Mobile Tips & Tricks – Contents
    1. 0:32 Pickup/Chest/Edit Glitch – How to fix it
    2. 0:43 Harvest Furniture – Get a mat gain over your opponents in the beginning of the game
    3. 1:03 Get better aim & building – Land Tilted towers to get the most amount of action which will make you better. More fights = more practice.
    4. 1:41 Customize your hud (Play Claw, 3+ fingers) – Make a hud where you could switch between your guns and builds without having to take your finger off from aiming and looking around
    5. 2:07 Have reset building choice on – Highly recommend this because in most situations when youre getting shot at, you need to place walls right away to block shots
    6. 2:19 USE Turbo building – Absolutey must need for playing on mobile
    7. 2:30 Spammers – Someone spamming your wall, just wait for them to break your wall then pump right in the face or place traps
    8. 3:01 Learn From Losses – Lost a fight with someone? Reflect back at what you could've done differently and apply that for the next fight
    9. 3:43 Watch good players – Streamers like Daequan, Hamlinz, Nick Eh 30, and Myth (people i watched but there are tons of other great players) are great players that you can learn from and try to play like them
    10. 4:25 Be aware of your surroundings – When running, jump and look around your surrounding areas so no player can get the jump on you
    11. 4:44 Defense – Learn to block shots. After shooting your pump, quickly place a wall to block the opposing players shot so you dont take any damage and then you can ramp up and shoot them from your highground
    12. 4:56 Ramping For Highground – When ramping up, make sure to put ramps above you to avoid getting hit and shot down quickly
    13. 5:07 Don't build too far out when ramping up – If you build too far out, your opponent can easily just shoot you down and you could die from fall damage
    14. 5:50 Learn when to disengage – If you notice your opponent just keeps building for highground or has highground and its just impossible to retake, go down to the bottom and just knock it all down for the kill or for a fresh start
    15. 6:24 Pyramid across loot lake – Edit your pyramids to get across loot lake diagonally
    16. 6:44 Use Playground – Practice 1x1s, single ramp wall push, double ramp wall push (tip when first doing it, just go slow and make sure you get every single wall/ramp placed and once you get the hang of it, you can start speeding things up)
    17. 7:18 Solo Squads – Get explosives (preferrably RPG)
    18. 8:10 Pump or Tac – Its mainly preference but in beginning games, its best to use a tac instead of a single pump (because of the faster fire rate of the tac) but if you find a pump and a SMG or AR then I would use that instead
    19. 8:41 Trump tower in tilted towers quick kill – Surprise your opponent
    20. 8:55 Sensitivity – Touch Sensitivity (I recommend playing around with it starting at a low sens at .30 and continually go up until you can do a full 360 with one swipe and it feels comfortable. Use playground to get used to your sens)
    21. 9:12 Auto Material Change – Make sure to have on cause when your in build fights you wont realize youve run out of mats in a certain resource so its good to just have it automatically switch
    22. 9:16 DONT USE AUTO FIRE – You won't learn to aim on your own and will lose to someone with actual good aim 9/10 times. It will also cause you to auto fire sometimes when your crosshairs not even on them making you completely miss. I recommend using DEDICATED SHOOT BUTTON
    23. 9:37 Device – If you're willing to spend money, the device I recommend for the best experience and to get better in fortnite is the iPad Pro 2017 12.9 inch
    24. 10:01 Train your muscle memory – When you're just running around you can just keep switching from combat mode to build mode to get in the habit of it so if you get shot at you will be quick with switching to build mode
    25. 10:18 Fake your opponent out with ATK – Drift to create a boost and then once its boosted, jump out which can make the opponent shoot at the moving car for a second which will allow you to easily surprise them.
    26. 10:32 Use Pyramids to peek out of 1x1s – Doing this will allow you to scout without running the risk of getting sniped
    27. 10:46 Learn to strafe and crouch when shooting – Strafing makes it a lot harder for your enemy to hit you and crouching as well but also give you better accuracy
    28. 10:58 Don't overpeek – Spraying your AR at someone longer than 5 seconds is bound to get yourself sniped. Learn to take a couple hits and then crouch and the repeek.
    29. 11:24 Dont heal out in the open – Its best not to heal out right in the open as it is a open playing field and you dont know where you can get hit from. You can either build a 1×1 or you can place down a pyramid to provide good cover with only 10 resources.
    30. 11:38 Turn voice chat off – If you're not using it, turn it off for better sounding (Sounds better to me when turned off)
    31. 11:47 Level up faster – Squad up with other battle pass users to benefit from all the xp boost from one another
    32. 11:56 Challenge Yourself – do solo squads. If you find those too easy, squad up with console players to get an even more challenge and then if thats too easy, squad up with PC players for the hardest challenge.
    33. 12:10 Farming the rift statues – Hit the top layer first then the bottom to get an extra 100 brick
    34. 12:34 Don't run with your pickaxe out – It doesn't make you any faster and its best to have your shotgun equipped just in case if a player were to sneak up on you
    35. 12:42 Easy Trap Kills – If someone places ramp over you, quickly place pyramid above them and walls all around then traps and both side. Takes a while to learn but definetley useful
    36. 12:52 Getting High Kill Games – Make sure when you're starting, you remember the bus line and wherever you land, you want to rotate towards the next city that wouldve been highly populated according to the bus line also When new weekly challenges come out, find out where the mission for kills and looting chests are as those will be hotspots in the first days of the weekly challenges
    37. 13:36 Misclicking Pyramids when you mean ramps – In spawn island, edit your pyramids to be ramps
    38. 13:54 Utilize bounce pads – Use em to get high ground quickly or to surprise someone by bounce padding right on top of them (make sure you hit your shots)
    39. 14:13 When low on health – If you're in a build fight and you need to heal fast, build out multiple little 1x1s to confuse the enemy on where you actually are
    40. 14:30 Landing – When skydiving down, to get the lowest drop, try to avoid large mountains because your parachute gets deployed when its closer to land. If you're going somewhere like greasy or lazy links, land straight down to the ocean to get the lowest possible drop
    41. 14:52 Building Glitch – Quickly enabling your build and placing a building too fast can sometimes lead to inability to build
    42. 15:26 Have Do Not Disturb Setting ON – For IOS users, if you play on your phone, most likely you will get messages and what no so make sure to turn this on when you're playing so you dont get interrupted in the middle of a fight
    43. 15:39 Take your time with your pump shots – Don't worry about flicking and all that fancy stuff when starting out. Take your time and make sure you hit them right on the head.
    44. 16:07 Check for traps – When running through buildings, make sure to quickly crouch and look up just to be sure you dont get hit by a trap
    45. 16:22 Avoid traps using pyramids – Place a pyramid and edit it to make a cover for a trap above you
    46. 16:34 Improve FPS – If you notice you have low frames, some solutions can be is make sure you have a lot of extra storage so delete some stuff on your phone, put graphic settings to low, turn low power mode on, and make sure you have all running apps closed
    47. 16:59 Zone Priority – If the zone is closing in and you have quite the run, don't start any fights as even though you could win, you'd most likely die by the zone. Only time I would choose to fight is if I have a jump pad.
    48. 17:37 ATK over Rift – In the long run for a high kill game, its best to take the ATK as if you just take the rift, you could only get one kill off of it but with ATK, you can cover so much more ground every time
    49. (FORGOT TO EXPLAIN IN VIDEO LUL) Looting – You're gonna want to make sure you have auto pickup on for everything as it makes everything just go faster and smoother.
    50. 18:05 To Get Faster Building and Gun skill – Like I've said before, I want to emphasize, to build fast, you need to have the muscle memory which to get this is practice your standard builds (1x1s, single ramp wall push, double ramp wall push) and over time and practice, you will be fluid in them. Keep in mind i have been playing for over 4 months now. PUT IN THE WORK

  2. Yey I have the iPhone 8

  3. How do you show your teammates what guns are on the ground?

  4. You wear just playing for 4 months and got this better. That is what I call skill. Hope I get better

  5. Bro thanks keep up the good wrok

  6. What dispositive you use to play Fortnite?

  7. Who watching RN when tilted is destroyed

  8. even when i got my volume to full

  9. cant hear anything he says

  10. Nice vid bro i liked and subbed

  11. This helped me get my first solo win on mobile I’m switching from console to mobile

  12. En Ingles:Hello In All My Video I Inspire In You Since You Are Good and One Question How Did You Put The Screen Stretched? I'm also from iPad: v Arhe What if xD But you're a great friend <3

    En Español:Hola En Todos Mi Video Me Inspiro En Ti Ya Que Eres Buenisimo Y Una Pregunta Como Pusiste La Pantalla Estirada? Yo Tambien Soy De iPad :v Arhe Que si xD Pero Eres Un Grande Amigo <3

  13. Can you give me a iPad Pro I have a air 2

  14. I’m only good in certain circumstances… like if I land at a house and only get a pistol then I’m totally dead

  15. I’m good at building but every time I’m in solo squad or regular squad or some shit I just can’t seem to hit my shots

  16. I use iphone 8 plus but then I lag alot

  17. To play fortnite

  18. IPhone 7 plus is the best

  19. i'm out of town for a couple of days that's why i'm here lmao

  20. Do you have auto fire on?

  21. I’m on console but it still

  22. 8:48 missed shots and says get that easy kill

  23. Can you play iPhone 7 plus

  24. Tips for Fortnite:
    Be aggrsive an feel like your tfue .1.2be swag be swaagscxrh iszbeSaswv zeistxsqfw

  25. How are u shooting

  26. I havent got enough FPs

  27. Tip number 10 help get switch players of mobile it’s not fair if you agree like and try to get epic to notice us

  28. Wailing is gone

  29. Who else died and have a break and watch this? Only me ok

  30. I’ve been playing fortnite mobile since it first came out back in season three. I gradually noticed my improvement over each season. I got my first solo win in season four by season five I wasn’t dying as much. Season six I could build pretty fast and season seven my accuracy was pretty good. Now in season eight my 90s are very fast, I’d say console level and my editing is good but I’m working on it.

  31. I have ligma look at my profile pic

  32. Btw now auto fire is broken

  33. I was playing solos and i got in the same game with my older sister (shes a bot) and Me and my sister landed at the same spot and i pickaxed her to death .she had a goldpump????????????

  34. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! When u said always land tilted so u can get better i land tilted and i'm getting more better!! THANKS FOR THE TIPS!!!

  35. Brah 9:50 who doesn’t want to have a better device

  36. Cause I am pretty good

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