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59 Tips and Tricks to Win Rules of Survival android mobile game ROS

All my best Tips and Tricks to Win in Rules of Survival.

Shout out the the Research Team. They are what makes this channel great.

This is my first video on Rules of Survival so many of these tips are beginner tips for my subscribers that have never played the game. If you share these tips with others, please credit JCF and put a link to this video.

1. Most important thing you can to in a team game is communicate
2. How to pull up the map
3. Setting a marker on you map
4. Most common…

49 Comments on 59 Tips and Tricks to Win Rules of Survival android mobile game ROS

  1. I am keen on youtube gaming videos like this. It teach others the tricks on how to become better rather than just watching how great some other player plays. A great teacher creates great students!

  2. Your intro is pathetic. LOOK AT ME! IM PLAYING WITH FORCE! LOOK AT ME! AREN'T I COOL?

  3. this game is so addictive.. a 5 months active player and still counting???? to the team who create this game..its awesome..????..tnx for the tips..keep it up????

  4. Btw use sniper and smg

  5. Don't use car in small zone

  6. Might try this game.

  7. Bro my game crashes and takes time to load

  8. I have 49 wins without doing this cuz this vid is for beginners

  9. Thank your tip I'm already for battle

  10. My record is 28 kills

  11. This is a good way to win but i dont think it is very fun.

  12. Good tips, thanks. But NaohFromYT is out of league.

  13. My user is JoshGam3z3

  14. new tip never heal while u have been spottes 9:13

  15. Jcf can u make a video how to signal an iteim?

  16. “Even in games I kill 3-4 people” What?!?! Is this a high score for you or what? If your going for kills disregard some of what he said. Believe me, it’s not that hard to get 11 or 12 kills in a game if your decent and choose your battles more aggressively. I’m not telling you to chase down anyone you see, but you don’t have to hide in a hut for the whole game.

  17. You can go 15K+ it's not 1300 m

  18. well… you forgot A LOT of tips!

    1st. grenades are key! time your throwing time and distance!

    2nd. NEVER play as a passive player! do NOT camp! you need to be aggressive and a killer! when you killed someone. bait someone and kill him! if you wanna loot a orb, throw at least 2 smokes at that place! i won a game with 14 kills by playing aggressive!

    3rd. shotgun = good on early game
    AR = all game
    SMG = early game and mid game
    Sniper = mid game and late game

  19. As a very good player with a %30 win loss ratio, hiding in grass is honestly the worst thing u can do. U have no cover at all

  20. YMG – Your mom gay. Did you fall for it?

  21. You get more points for moving places alot

  22. This works thank you

  23. This game is a copy of pubg mobile play it JCF!!!

  24. it helps me a lot, thanks☺️♥️✨

  25. Bakit mo ginawa tong video edi lahat ng player pupunta sa grern hayss but nice tips

  26. Tip: if you have 2 primary gun then throw pistol and pistol ammo to get more space


  28. Hiding is not a great way to learn though

  29. One more tip put your gun into single if it's long or medium range then put auto if it's a short range

  30. Rename the video to pussy play cause camping is being a pussy and don't hide in a shed they can throw a gnade in side and if it's solo ur good it a hole team is there ur fked

  31. thank you very much i made it into top3 so happy

  32. Thanks this was so helpful!! Love you ???? ????♥️

  33. I'm better at sniping

  34. this tricks is for noob camper

  35. Thanks man ihave 7 chicken dinner and 40 match

  36. I felt like I was being recruited for ww3

  37. how to not shoot upwardssssss

  38. Nice review..I just like you in playing this game.. i won sometimes killing only one or two in this game..just like to come late the zone..and in last zone waiting them to fight each other..and wait my last kill shot ????

  39. Thank you JFC for this Tips Tricks it really help me 100%

  40. You can also use cardio right

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