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6 Chess TIPS to Improve FAST: No Secret Tricks, No Strategy, No Moves, Only BASIC Chess Advice

How to Become a Better Chess Player? This is the question I am going to answer in this video. I share with you 6 amazing tips to practice and improve your game fast. No Secret Tricks, no fancy strategies, no special moves, no tactics. Only some basic chess advice to improve and win more games. This chess lesson will be very helpful for beginner level chess players. You can use these chess ideas to learn how chess works & improve your chess rating. These tips will also help you to understand…

35 Comments on 6 Chess TIPS to Improve FAST: No Secret Tricks, No Strategy, No Moves, Only BASIC Chess Advice

  1. Avoid THESE 5 Biggest Chess Mistakes:

  2. great non-nonsense advice 😉

  3. Hey I had a doubt. Can we touch opponents piece if their time is going on in the clock???

  4. i box and im starting to play chess to develope my strategy. it sfunny, i just did what you mentined in a game against the computer. i got wrestless mid game, and just went for it and boom, made a mistake. It shows that not only is an enudrance focus important, but also, this helped me realize something about a fight. If you can just Annoy the other guy, constantly, to the point where he no longer cares and just goes for it, he is liable to make a mistake which you can capitalize on. Its why anger can cloud jusdgement. when you talk about getting wrestless mid game, your actually talking about your emotion. your emotion can hijack your intellect, or your will. this is why emotions are powerful, they can give you energy and help you focus, but they can also blind you.

  5. Its ec to beat your enemy
    use 5 moves lol

  6. Nice !
    Can you make vdo on middle game tips ?

  7. Indian changed chanel hihihi

  8. Nobody plays 30 min games on and daily game are the engine league.

  9. Just win dude, don't make a big deal

  10. u give chess puzzles…but hou to solve that puzzle…wr me need objects

  11. please send best chess levels game link… improve my playing

  12. 3:24 "Its very important to take your time and think of all possibilities." Why have I been told then, to not think things too much? Is there something I need to know?

  13. How to cut the white Queen

  14. I have this crush that likes chess, i like chess too, but he's challenging me tom.. i hope i win to get his trust…

  15. This is actually useful for literally anything

  16. I'm just not tinking long enough.

  17. Now I know why the Chess game is originated from India

  18. "Chess is life in miniature." — Garry Kasparov

  19. Wow thank you man I’ve been winning more when I follow these rules.

  20. 3 seconds in and I already hate the video

  21. Most of the time when I play I make pretty good moves but I’m not efficient enough and I only really ever win with 4 or 5 pieces left. I usually win but it’s really not amazing and I know I can do better I’m gonna try these tips and give an update

  22. Using these principles to learn new Languages thank you so much and God bless you

  23. I Got An Ad Of People Playing Chess #Coincidence?

  24. excellent video. thanks to chess talk.

  25. If we play with a beginner and he plays a move from which he comes under a check. So is it legal to defeat him or we should give him a warning to move again ? Please reply.

  26. I'm too impatient for long games, so i play blitz

  27. I love the second tip can you make a video out of it

  28. Your voice gives me diabetes but good tips man

  29. Totally useless. And it doesn't take 5 mins to show only 6 simple tips! Sorry, try again. Actually I would prefer it if you didn't for all humankind's sake.

  30. No secret tricks….. 2 mins in “let me give you a secret tip here” ????

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