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6 Genius Cooler Hacks

This rotomolded cooler tested off the charts :

Super Charge Your Camping Cooler
6 Great Cooler Hacks

You may know a polar bear tube is a PVC pipe with water inside it and the ends sealed. You store them in the freezer and put them in your cooler when it’s time to go. They are a reusable, space-saving, high-efficiency, no-mess solution to keeping your food cold while camping. You can make SUPER polar bear tubes by adding ½ cup salt per…

21 Comments on 6 Genius Cooler Hacks

  1. ]Best "hack" of all . . . . drill a few small holes on both sides of the top and sides of the cooler and spray expanding foam into one side till the foam comes out the holes on the other side. most plastic coolers are hollow. Filling the air gap with foam improves the insulation immensely. Make sure you don't drill the hole all the way through the lid and sides . . . just drill through the first layer. Let the cooler sit until the foam sets and trim off the excess. Also, be careful not to spray to much foam or it will bulge out the lid or sides. I think there was a you tube video of what I'm talking about . . . It's been a while since I've watched so I don't have a link to share . . sorry.

  2. good stuff, hats off

  3. So how do you remove tubes to freeze them if they are glued in

  4. wait, you said the tubes freeze at a lower temperature… don't you mean higher temperature? smh

  5. Take that you overpriced expensive YETI coolers. Ha!!

  6. you really should be cutting chunks out of the coolers wall and gluing blenders & disco lights in the holes. duhhhh


  8. I would say a great hack for camping is to dig a hole, a bit wider, longer and taller than the cooler, and then place it inside of the hole and cover it with a piece of cloth or something. But don't let the ground touch the walls of the cooler. Also this hole should not be directly under the Sun, find a shade.

  9. Yea, more click bait.

  10. By the time you spend all the money on supplies and effort to modify your cooler it would be easier to just go get the cooler you wanted in the first place. You wouldn't be spending that much more.

  11. These aren't hacks!

  12. Is Genius the right word for those hacks.

  13. heres a real tip. Fill your cooler with drinks and ice. Add couple tbl spoons of ice cream salt. Close the lid and go. After riding a little bit those drinks will be nice and cold and you will have slushy ice cold beverages a few days. Your welcome.

  14. Well luckily for me my beer is gone way before the ice melts so I don’t have to do none of this bullshit

  15. cooling tubes on the bottom would just cool the bottom of the ice chest. Cold travels down, not up.

  16. how many freezers are big enough to hold the tubes and shelving ? be spending more in ties than beer and weed.

  17. GIFTED – Daughter absolutely loves this>>> and will use for Years to come. Gave cooler, refreezable ice and tumbler. She's all around sports, outdoors,military and will definitely have fun using Yeti.

  18. The only thing Yeti has going for it is thicker walls with thicker insulation. Buy a bigger cheaper cooler and add styrofoam walls inside Bingo, cheap Yeti

  19. Seriously..over 2 mil views about cooler boxes

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