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6 Public Speaking Tips To Hook Any Audience

6 Public Speaking Tips To Hook Any Audience
Public speaking is hard. We all know it. But if you master a few basic public speaking tips and techniques, you can absolutely hook any audience.

In this video you’ll get the public speaking training to hook an audience n 30 seconds. The public speaking skills to tell stories that have people hanging on every word. And the techniques to nail a finale that moves people to action.

Public speaking shakes a lot of people’s…

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  1. I disliked how you laughed at how he did crushed the cigarette because you felt it was forced. You could have achieved same by not laughing in a patronizing way. So much for teaching about charisma…

  2. at least link the video of the speech geez, now i have to type in 3 words to search for it

  3. Someone sum it up plz

  4. Well , I am watching this but coincidently mine topic os also the same????

  5. English teacher Made me join the declamation contest and im shy and i feel like i have to Leave

  6. Please do one with eminem.

  7. الأخ قحطاني

  8. "I want you to watch the whole video."

    doesn't include video link

  9. I know a guy who is a master captivating audiences , made him president. Barak Obama

  10. 謝謝分享,歡迎到台

  11. How To Reduce Stress:

    1. Don’t respond to negativity
    2. Stay active
    3. Eat healthier
    4. Read and write more
    5. Give without expectations
    6. Visualize, then act
    7. Spend quality time with family
    8. Write ‘thank you’ notes
    9. Be a better friend
    10. Do a random acts of kindness

  12. If a girl hooks any audience… They'll say that she is s*** or a witch!

  13. Just in case…????????

  14. i watched this before but in dhar mann

  15. Breakdown RFK’s speech after the MLK Jr assassination

  16. I enjoyed this breakdown on this keynote. What impressed me the most is the use of silence throughout the presentation. I also liked the stories used and the level he uses to better allow the audience to experience what was happening.

    Your breakdown was very detailed and clear to understand. This helps me with my awareness of what to listen for in a keynote.

  17. Hi there, thank you for the tips. I have sat through so many boring presentations so there is definitely a need for inspiration 🙂

  18. great video, TY, I just created a new channel called Instructor Techniques would love to have you and your viewers come check me out, could use some support

  19. Hey guys I am participating in the MUN any tips

  20. Im not really interested in talks ..but this guy really hit it funny so interesting…

  21. Smoking/lung Cancer link to DNA is bull ????, but he did make it sound interesting.

  22. WHAT ??? ????????

  23. Too bad i only have 1 minute for my speech lol

  24. Is there a money prize for toastmasters?

  25. Teachers should watch this video

  26. Good video liked it a lot
    ps: I am' running for student council wish me luck.


  28. “Even though I just made them up.” First minute capture attention than go into human brains love for stories (anecdotes)
    Take into present tense and demonstrate. He does a big sighhh

    Attention body than insight at end moral.

  29. Watch at 1.25X speed thank me later

  30. Make a video on pitching investors.
    How to stop them from rejecting?
    Many investors hate to participate, how do I approach them to help me with my work?
    Please make a video about it. You can inspire millions of us who are failing to pitch investors.

  31. Yes!Got captivated here!I have watched repeatedly,now Ive figured out how would I start my presentation later..and just subscribed.Thumbs up!

  32. I do this shut in school all the time while I'm in class and the teachers thinking I'm doing homework. ????????‍♂️ not trying to brag but uhh I just want the people to know.

  33. The 6 hooks were not clear in this video.

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