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6 SIMPLE MID TIPS to WIN LANE – Middle Gameplay Tricks ALL PROS USE | Dota 2 Guide

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In this pro gameplay guide, coaches Speeed and Yamsun team up to share 6 tips and tricks YOU can use to win the mid lane match-up! This Dota 2 guide covers tips and strategies usable at all ranks to spot enemy wards, secure lasthits and control the middle lane with ease. Use these tricks to carry your games from the midlane role…

21 Comments on 6 SIMPLE MID TIPS to WIN LANE – Middle Gameplay Tricks ALL PROS USE | Dota 2 Guide

  1. This quick guide from pro coaches Speeed and Yamsun shares a bunch of ESSENTIAL tips that every mid lane player must know!

    ► Join NOW! – Learn from the Pros and gain +1000 MMR. Check us out at a 25% discount!

  2. you forgot the most important step.
    Change your name to Mid or Feed to secure your lane

  3. You can actually aggro by attack-moving any enemy hero. So doing it on a hero on the top or bot lane will work as well.

  4. I feel like these tips are very basic and are beneficial for beginners < 3k MMR.. I wish there are more advanced tips that only 7K+ MMR knows.. like what are the useful tips that separate a 5k MMR midlaner to a 7K MMR midlaner apart from just experience.

  5. Is there a way to guide a creep aggro? Like if I want them all to go right, for example.

  6. I prefer speeed doing the talking 😛

  7. Well im always wondering what should i do if i get illusion rune,and i always use them to dive tower and kill enemy hero but tend to fail hahahha

  8. And mangos. Get mangos like hell. Thats the way

  9. At 2:15 you said the QOP will know there is a ward if you agro on lowground… One thing I do, since I almost never gave wards mid until I buy them (cause #TrenchLife), is I'll a-click an enemy in another lane to draw agro onto me. No idea why this works the way it does, idk why the creeps care about me a-clicking an offlaner… But the clearly do. Is this dumb for me to do?

  10. k now that we know the simple tips…
    its time to show 10 advanced mid trades that makes sumail and miracle crush any goddamn human

  11. Will u please make a video on 'how ramzes666 finds safe farm even if team is losing' (from comebacks by VP in dreamleague)

  12. I have one question, when do you buy or not buy Battlefury as a Carry Juggernaut. because I watch a lot of pro players play Jugg and they sometimes skip battlefury and go for other items even without a magnus that will give them empower for cleave. Thank you.

  13. Really good tips, thanks!

  14. Can you please make some tips for mid laning with morphling? He doesn't have good aoe harrass and has small range and health pool, and also can regen some life on his own. What are ways to utilize this?

  15. this guide is mastered by 2k we need adbances guise like the cm one it was awsome

  16. Keeping in mind that the mid needs courier to win early. When is it okay to use it as a different position?

  17. 0:40 is this even worth it? You get terribly out of position and if the enemy mid shows up at the wrong time you will loose way to much hp

  18. Thank you Jenkins! 🙂

  19. The second creep aggro trick is situational, because you can aggro creeps by clicking an enemy hero in a different lane.

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