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7 Amazing MIDI Velocity Tricks in Logic Pro X

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Learn 7 MIDI Velocity Editing tricks in Logic Pro X, that will Super Speed your Workflow! =)

PS. My name is Mike, and I am a composer. Just. Like. You.
I created Professional Composers, for Composers with High Goals & BIG Dreams. Composers, like You. =)

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36 Comments on 7 Amazing MIDI Velocity Tricks in Logic Pro X

  1. Hello Composers, Mike here! ????
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  2. Hello Mikael! Thanks for the video! Regarding #2, Velocity Ramp. If I have multiple notes in a single part, like a piano part, or a polyphonic violin part, using the pencil tool like you said replaces all the velocities and unifies them into one linear line. It doesn't maintain the relative velocities like you are demonstrating here. Is there a setting I need to change? Thanks!

  3. Oh my goodness!! This is such a blessing. It had become quite hard to play my MPK249 because some of the notes (no matter how soft I played them) would have a higher velocity than normal. The Velocity Processor in the MIDI FX completely fixed that issue IMMEDIATELY. And it was nice to know that I did not need to have any MIDI notes recorded before it worked. PERFECT! Thanks! Now, I will check out the other 6 tips. LOL!

  4. Sir I still repeat that u r great the main beauty of uer vedio is the telling style which very much clear after hearing uer tutorial I get all my doubt cleared at once again thank you so much sir

  5. Hello ! How can i just get down the higher notes velocity of my Midi keyboard ? I love to play a pipe organ bank, very realistic but unfortunately the higher notes are too loud rather than the lowest notes ! Actually i need to play on my keyboard ditectly and i need the good velocity setting to fix it in order to have the good sound directly when i play on, is it possible ?

  6. Just found you following a specific search for a compression edit method – what a brilliant tutorial. I have immediately subscribed and now need to go through everything to improve my knowledge! Quite simply the best tutorials I have come across – thank you.

  7. cool, but i would like to know, how to make the Diminuendo instead? in case i want the crescendo to come back down as natural as possible? i cant seem to do it ramping down with the pencil tool

  8. Thank you again this is fabulous stuff!

  9. Revisited. Cool as always, I remembered things I had forgotten. Thanks Mikael!!

  10. Love the compression trick by pulling velocity and dragging slider back up. Thanks!

  11. thank you very mach

  12. can't even find it – ok finally i found it

  13. Thanks a lot for this video!!????????

  14. Thank you, every helpful.

  15. What the?!?! You can have three tools in Logic?!

  16. What a usefull video! Thank you Mike!

  17. THANKS! It helped me a lot!

  18. Thank you for this amazing shared knowledge! Regards!

  19. Wonder if the same values to humanize an instrument like a Cello, or Violin, given by the DAW would fit in an electric guitar MIDI line, obviously keeping in mind the guitar techniques, such as; Pal-mute, slides, hammer-on & pull-off, bends, tapping and all the articulations related to play a real guitar. Would I have fix it in that case?… It's more!, if you got a video tutorial just explaining something concerning that, I'd appreciate… Very good job!

  20. Thanks for al your tips ????

  21. Very useful, thanks!!!

  22. master of velocity in logic

  23. Good teaching! Thanx/Tack!

  24. Damn i have never heard this before very valuable ????

  25. You're a MIDI-Strings-Master! Thank you.

  26. wow. simply. the. best. TY!!

  27. I really really love this channel.

  28. Excellent video!!! I didn't know I could do this! Thank you!!!

  29. Hi, Sir Very nice tips your giving and very help full to me

  30. Awesome! Love this channel!

  31. Great tips. Thanks!
    FYI, Command-Control Drag can easily change velocity(=instant velocity tool).

  32. Thank you very much Mike. I learnt a lot

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