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7 Awesome Windows 7 Tricks & How-To’s

WINDOWS 7 TUTORIAL: Reposition task bar, task bar window previews, Aero Snap, Aero Shake, Snipping Tool for screenshots, Sticky Notes, Picture Preview Panes, Windows Reliability Monitor, PLUS Microsoft student freebies & downloads.

47 Comments on 7 Awesome Windows 7 Tricks & How-To’s

  1. Thank you for these tips, Kimberley. I use Linux as my daily drive but I recently bought an old Dell to play with and it has Windows 7 on it. I didn't realise that win 7 was quite this goosm especially with the tweaks you've shared with us!

  2. i love the unlocked taskbar trick xD

  3. Aero Snap? I learned nothing. You move too fast. My Word Pad screen looks different. My title bar has the title of my document. It doesn't have "Document Microsoft Word" When I searched Help, there is nothing for Aero Snap. The instructions and tutorials are not consistent with the actual programs that one has. Sticky Notes? I use a pen and small pieces of scrap paper so I can put it in my pocket.

    Reliability Monitor showed Windows not properly shut down. What am I supposed to do? I closed all sites and programs. Shutdown was unexpected. What? Do I need permission first? Then a bunch of Failed Windows Updates. My Stability dropped from 10 to 5. How do I fix it? Just SOL as with most computer help.

  4. Aloha Kim, Mahalo for the 7 tips. I have been looking for the snipping tool for a long time and no one could help me! Mahalo

  5. this is a great video THANKS! I didn't discover the snipping tool until Win 8 but I LOVVVE that tool, too

  6. Audio gets distorted.

  7. Kim   how can i get a cursor like yours dear one?

  8. For all who are saying "Everyone knows these.", Ugh! Don't be so general. Not all of Windows user knows all the stuff and features about Windows 7. They just buy it then BOOM! just using it for internet, school stuffs, office, etc.. and doesn't care about the other stuff you could do in it… I'm an IT student and I didn't know about Snipping Tool, every time I explain to my mom how to use stuff in Win 7, I print screen it and paste in on Paint. Such a waste of time, right?? And at the fist place, why did you watch the video anyway? Ugh. I know! You want to piss off yourself? =_=

  9. Forget about this crap! I'm selling ACTUAL GENUINE Windows 7 Professional licenses right now, only 42.95 each. Just search "321517846522" on ebay and you'll find my ad. You may contact me at the number I left in the ad, or by email. I'm always available so just message me if you have any concerns!

  10. To all the haters out there… if you knew a lot of these stuff, why did you even bother clicking on the link to this vid!!! when you searched for relative topic to this one, this vid appeared and you couldn't resist so you clicked. now you watched it and then you say you know.. its highly unlikely that you did know anything like this before this vid.. Go Amy, nice vid 🙂

  11. To all the jackasses that are bashing the user for making this tutorial…FUCK OFF! I DIDN'T KNOW THIS STUFF, because I have yet to install Windows 7. So stop being so rude! Why are you even here if you already know this stuff? Shut up and let the people that aren't familiar with W7 learn. Geez!

  12. windows 7 blue alienware edition doesnt have the split screen thing.

  13. I found your video here very helpful and informative.  Thanks for taking the time to make it.  I've been using Windows XP forever now (because our lab still uses Lotus 1-2-3 and was too cheap to upgrade til just a few months ago).  While Windows 7 looks very similar to XP (and the scary Windows 8 doesn't) all these tips and hints are very nice to learn.  I might even be able to teach a few of my co-workers some of them even though they are mostly old and hate HATE learning new things.  It's been hell getting them to agree to move to Excel.  Anyway, thanks again, and please ignore the haters.  Why do people have to be so rude and snotty in their comments??  Sign me Amy

  14. wow you are a hacker 

  15. YAY Reliability  Monitar actully helped me now my computer is way faster since i uninstalled bandicam cause that gave me a virus i think so thank's 

  16. true. this user sure can find out more than that.

  17. nice i learn a lot..

  18. They were paintball guns. :p


  20. this is stupid, everyone knows this if they are smart enough XD
    this isnt a video site for dummies 😛

  21. hey it is actually easy just search for it in the start menu. hope it helps !!

  22. i didnt know all this…so for me it is awsome

  23. windows 7 sucks.. the fitures on windows 7 is linux kde fitures..

  24. sorry i didnt look at the date i just realized that it was uploaded a month after it came out

  25. :,,) I thankyou!

  26. The snipping tool exists in vista. I use it frequently. Only unfortunate part is it isn't as easily accessed on vista.

  27. Thanks for the great tips..

  28. why?
    mac to windows

  29. HAWE very good @srdjan

  30. windows 7 is history just like windows vista now there's this fancy 'Windows 8" but it has not start menu like windows 7 and the other versions of windows. I'm running windows 8 release preview right now

  31. Great and Awsome Tricks!

  32. give us a break, just cause you are a computer wizard does not mean we all are,I just bougth this thing and I am trying to learn how to use it so thank you kherety

  33. what s up kim baby baby im sunk

  34. Sorry heart slow down and calm downed fucking iPad 2 text changing if only I can disable it

  35. I just accidentally pressed something wrong just not at the bottom I was shocked then I restart my computer and shit but I when I watched this video my just slow and called down

  36. i even new this you lama and there should me more dislikes paused at 0:22 and i disliked ,when people see the title they want something cool amazing and EPIC but not a microsoft tutorial of windows 7 features and seriosly sitcky notes thats on the start menu and snipping tool is sometimes on the task bar and why couldnt you show us the code that lets you watch star wars with a cmd command and yes this should be worse than flowgo and i hope you never,ever post another video spammer

  37. I got windows 7 for free with Product key……….. :P, Sorry but u had to pay 🙂

  38. hey everybody knows them

  39. all aero dont work by my

  40. this is a best video i like it

  41. I know all of this already bu okay…..

  42. thnx for posting but why is it when your talking it sounds like your singing a bad song with your word tone?

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