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7 BASIC TIPS & TRICKS to get better at building stuff in Kerbal Space Program (KSP Tutorial)

This is a mix of how-to handle the editor and a tutorial of sorts in KSP. I use all of these methods to build my creations from weird and whacky to small and efficient in Kerbal Space Program.
I hope this guide is of some help not only for beginners, but also for the more experienced players. Enjoy!

Key bindings:
Delta-v maps:

????Join me…

46 Comments on 7 BASIC TIPS & TRICKS to get better at building stuff in Kerbal Space Program (KSP Tutorial)

  1. I still have no clue of what the world Delta V is

  2. What’s the Redacted scene.?

  3. Thank you, I'm a noob at KSP, and this should help. I'm not installing mods since KSP is slow for me already.

  4. I'm trash at making ships

  5. I think the camera controls aren’t unified because your more likely to go up down in vab, it side to side and zoom in sph.

  6. I have a Mac with a windows mouse and no numeric pad….how to zoom in the assembly? Shift or holding mouse is not working….thanks again…for the video(s)…..nice to be finally playing!!

  7. Me playing from Xbox: what is this sorcery!!?

  8. I didn't know about the middle mouse button for moving the camera around for the longest time which made building things in the SPH that much more painful, and it was a game changer when I finally discovered it xD. Before I always had to move the plane around to get just the right camera angle.


  10. You forgot to mention CTRL+Z

  11. Your accent sounds like you are from Scott Manley land.

  12. how do i copy and paste stuff?=?

  13. man if only i knew when i was young if i never followed through with going to college for being an engineer i couldnt play KSP lmao

  14. how do i load and merge 2 ships that dont want to merge, and do you know why they wont sometimes? like say i wanna make a staged system that is a liquid fuel engine with solid fuel surrounding it, if i went to duplicate it radially it would never want to make the transition from an inline setup to coupled stage… so annoying, and when i try to merge a lander/command pod with an old booster stage its like nah you cant connect that shit here… why god why

  15. I would like this video but…i just can't because I just don't find this helpful I play on ps4 and it's a tottaly difrent world there and I can't even download any mods and make much of the "creative" designs and i just want a remake 9f the video just for the por ps4 players like me. ????????

  16. Grumpy cat’s mun statue

  17. I swear I've watched this before but I just learned so much

  18. I found out I’m the biggest idiot on the first one

    A dyson sphere
    like an ark or something dome whatever that generates its power try different ways

    then just try any o fthese
    build like different types of stations
    docking station
    battle station
    haven class station
    inflatable stations
    habitations wheel

  20. This didn’t help because my only problem is that all my ship are too top heavy and can’t find a solution because the simplest shit make mine top heavy

  21. The thing about Kerbal is you start, get frustrated you don't get into orbit, stop playing for a day, and then you are back… it just does not stop

  22. Im sad im a console Player i have no mods

  23. Do you have more video with the build at @4:15?

  24. wow, great video – nearly two years old and I still learned a ton!
    I'd consider myself a relatively experienced player and knew of and totally use a lot of these tips but there were a LOT here I didn't know. Just getting back into the game for Breaking Ground after a long break and really took a lot away from this video — thank you so much! +1 subscriber!

  25. Was he making a space plane… With nuke engines…!? 😮

  26. As someone with 420 hours (true fact) on ksp I’m surprised I still need this video. But thanks anyways!

  27. You seriously have some dope ass spacecraft! I just started myself and I hope I can get to your level sooner rather than later

  28. It’s 2019 and I still can’t build a good looking wing!

  29. Cntrl + Z, for when u accidentally delete your assembly, saved me alot of time

  30. But how would I know all of this if I did not have mods and played on the PS4?

  31. It's obvious that the KSP software team is used to 3D modeling programs since they basically ripped the UI and mouse+keys controls right out of 3ds max or maya, sketchup, etc. I think the reason they used the mousewheel for up/down in the VAB is because, if you recall, the SPH wasn't even part of the game initially and they probably assumed a horizontal orientation would make more sense for people when they finally added it. It's a shame they didn't make it a UI option (x) Match VAB/SPH mousewheel… Fortunately if it REALLY bothers you, there are ways to rebind the wheel to other options. If your gaming mouse software alone can't do it you could try joy2key or a bunch of other methods.

  32. Basic tips? More like NASA employees tips! Why so many mods?

  33. 2:4something thats nice ….too bad Im playing on a fricking controler on my xbox

  34. Watched this video, still can only crash into kerbin at mach 7

  35. i need to copy and paste

  36. Awesome tips…but, you miss the most important tip ever… "Add more boosters"

  37. We now have rotors so no more need for bearings, (in most cases)

    yaaaay and KER is mostly integrated into stock now

  38. I have over 500 hours but some of these where till useful to me, thanks a lot

  39. I had no idea about pressing Space to reset rotation! Thanks!

  40. so that is root for… thy
    but i definetly need more deltav but i dont know how in the carreer modeeee as im out of scienceeee

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