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7 body language tips to impress at your next job interview

Have you been to a job interview recently, perfectly qualified for the job, answered all the questions well but still found yourself rejected? The answer could lie in your body language; here we look at the messages you’ve been sending out with your body language and how to tweak these to make sure you’re sending all the right signals, whether you are interviewing for a role in Microsoft Dynamics role, or any other industry.

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34 Comments on 7 body language tips to impress at your next job interview

  1. Got an interview tomorrow thanks for the tips!

  2. Keeping eyes in one spot is really hard for me, same with sitting still. But, of problems that I think is one the biggest I have is the handshake. I can't stand handshakes and get angsiaty (Sp) attack almost.

    Also, what of those interviewers when comes to handshakes that seem to have the hand crush type shake. I've encountered a hand full of these guys/gals. One older lady actually was hard enough that she left deep imprints for a bit in my skin (later I found she had actually cracked another lady's hand with that grip). Or this thick texan like guy trying to do the same, I became rather angry at it and told him off with him laughing at me about being a "MAN". Obviously I didn't get that job, but glad I didn't seeings he was a whole level of jerk. I do find fairly often men that seem to try and go for hard of squeeze as they possibly can and I find it sometimes all I can do to keep my hand from not collapsing down in their grips.

  3. great job Tip's thanks for good advice

  4. Absolutely loved these tips, very informative. Had not known about the lying signals – learn something new everyday(smile). Good job !!

  5. Now what you need to worry about is what you gonna have to say. THANKS 🙂

  6. This was excellent. Thank you!

  7. thanks cognitive group for this social video.what a bravo brief explanation about the body language really appreciated

  8. I love his voice damn

  9. This is why interviews are such bad indicators. They test presentation more than qualification.

  10. 1. adopt an engaged posture
    2. appear clam & relaxed
    3. use the right hand gestures
    4. mirror the interviewer
    5. get your eye contact right
    6. avoid lying signals
    7. give the perfect handshake

    Thanks mate.

  11. very informative, thanks

  12. have been looking for this video for sooooo long 🙂 thanks..

  13. Thank you for the video, great advice.

  14. after watching this video
    i think i'am ready

    thank you this was very COGNITIVE (if there's such a word)

  15. this world is fucked up. i followed your exact advises and got screwed up. In interviews, they want you to be unreal and flawless, they even want you to fake that you are happy and excited. I hate the interviews part, its just lame.

  16. These are all great tips! Why dont interviewers take into consideration the stressful circumstances of a job interview? The candidate is merely human too.

  17. Good work…..deserves a like

  18. I have done all this gestures in a job interview and actually works. Self-control and confidence will increase the chance to get the dream job you want.

  19. Thanks for sharing this piece of video.

  20. Thanks for your reply and let me try by putting in that way????

  21. I like his accent <3 btw the video is rly helpful,thank u

  22. could you help me on few things. How to react to an Interviewer 1) when I don't know answer for the question, 2) what should I say if He or She asks about my Expected Salary?

  23. wow!!!! this video is just Amazing and Great work done brother????

  24. I'm not going to watch any other video on body language. this is excellent.

  25. I answered all the questions 100% correctly but I couldn't stop waving my hands around. It's really difficult not to use my hands, even if I hold my hands together. HELP !

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