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7 Gardening Hacks with Plastic Bottles – Simple, Free and Extremely Effective!

Plastic bottles and soda bottles accumulate quickly in many homes however they are an excellent resource for growing vegetables and in particular small-space gardens. And no these aren’t simply 7 different shaped pots, these 7 hacks range from seedling guards to slug traps and seed storage to water reservoirs. Use these hacks to make your gardening more successful and fun and each take you less than a minute to make. I hope you enjoy this video and please share it to anyone you might know…

38 Comments on 7 Gardening Hacks with Plastic Bottles – Simple, Free and Extremely Effective!

  1. Show us how you grow your carrots and onions

  2. Great idea, thanks!

  3. I found it quite amusing that the plastic rings are expected to deter slugs (they don't at all in my experience), but then later in the video the slug trap relies on slugs crawing over the plastic. I make these traps and they're great. I just cut holes in the side of a complete bottle though and use the lid to pour bait through, then reseal.

  4. Really liked the slug rings to protect seedlings

  5. It's so funny large font covering your face and the things you want to show ????????????????????

  6. I tried the think of the bottle for the slugs but it doesn't work. I went to the point of just cutting only the bottom of the bottle but the slugs were still finding the way to enter from the top of the bottle.

  7. i think it's time for a plethora of videos titled 'imagination and the things around you' lolol

  8. Harboring mosquitoes in these open containers?

  9. Great video yet again Huw. Have saved it to remind me. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Excellent job brother. Checkout before …..

  11. Very impressive video! This is the first of OH SO MANY "plastic bottle hacks" videos that I have watched that was actually very informative and made so much sense! Kudos to you young man!!! Thank you!!!

  12. wow…thanks so much…will try these….keep those videos coming….

  13. Seeds can sweat and go mouldy in plastic containers!

  14. Your beer trap must not have the entrance at ground level as other creatures can wander in such as beneficial ground beetles, the slugs need to climb at least a couple of inches to get a drink!

  15. My slugs don't 'intervene', they totally demolish! We share the odd beer though, only they drink in the garden and I drink indoors.

  16. Thanks for this wonderful informative video.

  17. Hey…. nice to see you here on Youtube man, My name's Ki from laos just wanna be friend and i really like your videos. Keep up the good work man✌✌

  18. I loved the mini greenhouse plastic bottle. This is a great solution for those pesky birds who munch on young sprouting leaves

  19. how often do I water the plants when they're in a greenhouse?

  20. I grow seedlings in plastic bottles

  21. I have to say, even though these are good ideas for reusing plastic bottles, I honestly believe it is actually unhealthy for the the plants. I say this because plastic is in a continuous state of breaking down extremely slowly at a molecular level. Water speeds up this process slightly and as a result, carcinogens are realesed from the chemicals in the plastic. Carcinogens are bad for us and I can't help but think that carcinogens are bad for plants too.

    Does anyone resonate with this? I'm not an expert in gardening or plastics so I could be mistaken and I welcome anyone to share their knowledge to add fule to my fire of self-education and self discovery. I find people make the best teachers and even better students.

  22. What happens when you want to transplant if you put seeds in the sideways-on bottle please?

  23. I love it very nice

  24. With the seed storage option, you could use two caps. One would be a sealed cap, whilst the other could have a hole around the same size as your large seeds. The one with the hole would then facilitate quick planting by using a light tap. Just be careful to have the size big enough so as to avoid damage to your seeds.

  25. Good idea on the seedling protectors from slugs. However, I think I'll keep it on in a more permanent status because sometimes my family members don't know which plants are important, and they start pulling up many of them. But using this, if they see a protecting ring around the plant, they will know it should not be pulled up.


  26. Stupidest shit ever

  27. Love these ????????

  28. I use glass bottle. Don’t trust plastic for watering. I use Plastic as mini greenhouses

  29. great ideas.what are ur thoughts on planting veggies alongside ur flower garden?

  30. I already do the first keep my seed s neatly spaced.

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