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7 Killer Tips And Tricks To Get Ahead In Ghost Recon Wildlands

Upgrade the best skills and find easy Skill Points for an easier time in single-player with our Ghost Recon Wildlands tips!
Got any Ghost Recon Wildlands advice to share with beginners? Add it in the comments!
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45 Comments on 7 Killer Tips And Tricks To Get Ahead In Ghost Recon Wildlands

  1. I didn't hear you say ahead I heard head????????

  2. John Oliver plays videogames?

  3. What the hell does "beh-uh" headstot mean? And what the hell is Tara-tree?

  4. If I buy the gold edition does it come with the year 2 pass? Or do I need to buy the pass separately?

  5. Get this game, it's awesome and there are little to no kids in the game, can you believe it

  6. I find building up the rebel spotting part makes scanning an area far quicker than using a drone or binoculars

  7. I dont think these tricks are that good. It makes the game boring and then people just stops playing it. I suggest to take hud off, use your drone for scanning your surroundings and for commanding your group where to move. I got bored really fast when i did everytime the same things over and over again, but now without marking enemies, you really need to concentrate and think how you are going survive.

  8. lol, I've been doing this all the time

  9. i cant stand how fast the guy walks. like its a bit to fast in small areas. and when i pass a wall the camera is over its left shoulder rather then right shoulder and i have to switch it everytime

  10. Heavy armored? Head shots only!

  11. tips you will find out in the first hour, unless you are a retard x)

  12. All this was "too" basic. So, just go province to province making sure you get everything in that area so you dont need to come back. Keep in mind that convoys (green rebel missions that mive around on your tactical map) respawn so if your clearing the privince no that so you dont spend 3 hours trying to get them to disappear… not saying I did that.

    To make sure you got everything look at your map and on the left it will tell you if you have everything. No more guys to interigate or labtops to hack to find those missing items? Just go to areas on your map that have a "?" Instead of a name. Chances are your missing item is there.

    As far as what to upgrade… the game is very easy but rebel spotting is probably the skill you will use the most as well as EMP drone.

    Also, you can go to the game hub and search for experienced players to help you. This community is great for assisting new players.

  13. Just started playing the game. The graphics is so beautiful. Just like watch dogs 2 san francisco environement it was really beautiful. I like also that even if you didn't want to wait for your team mates to enter the vehicle they'll just magcally appear inside.

  14. Two more tips for the single players out there;

    1: Drive away from your team and they'll appear inside whatever you're driving (truck/chopper/Etc).

    2: Using the Mortar, will cause the hostile NPCs to go to your last location, even if they haven't seen you. They do this even when using the ability from a drone! So once you use it, make sure to change position.

  15. Another tip for later on in the game: When you have started to make your way around the map, try and obtain the HTI sniper rifle from a weapon case in some location in the map. Search up the location of the HTI on YouTube and it is a great rifle to keep throughout the game, I use it still myself and I have completed the game, it’s in my opinion the best sniper rifle and when upgrading vhc destruction, it is a one shot to anything in the game including helicopters or armoured cars.

  16. This is the tips for normal difficulty though lol and when you play in normal difficulty there no tips no matter how you add up the skills you will kill enemy pretty easily

    For higher or highest level difficulty
    Tips 1, Drones are important but not the first skill you will start with
    Tips 2, hit level 16 ASAP whether you are skilled players or not, cuz extra skills are important
    Tips 3, you want to add your car damage skill to the second highest level, cuz you can stop any big truck without kill it and able to kill most vehicles with one shoot
    Tips 4, don’t hide in any thin object.
    Tips 5, sniper rifles are your best friends

    And forgive my English lol

  17. Were you playing at arcade difficulty?

  18. I finally picked this game up so thanks for all the tips! Can't wait to get farther in the game!

  19. I think a better comparison for the sync shot is grfs it’s literally the same system. The mark and execute for splinter cell does not really function all that similarly and is meat to be used differently

  20. You can also penetrate some things, for example you can penetrate car doors and their windows

  21. Just brought this game of the Xbox Store for £22 which is a great bargain. I don’t normally buy digital but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to own this game as I’ve been wanting it a while now.

  22. When you finished the game and have reached Tier 1, you will want to restart and turn off all hud options, more fun 😉

  23. For those who are annoyed by the 3rd person shoulder switch you can tap RB or R1 to switch left or right, also if you use classic mode for the heli controls you can dive bomb && fly hella fast lol

  24. Quick tip, be careful when shooting locks when VIP need rescue cause i did this one mission at night it was like so perfect stealth then lol i accidentally shot the dude cause i missed the lock he died instantly….. Had to start all over ffs

  25. Beat the game less than 5 seconds ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) #nolife

  26. Lol i discovered this funny glitch while approaching a supply convoy in one those armed helicopters i had the pitch set to classic just cause its easier to land like that lol but trying to use guns….. Lmao the pitch got stuck upwards && i could no longer pitch down the funniest part was my team had already eliminated the convoy escorts but i ended up flying like 25 miles backwards XD

  27. " eye line " XD line of sight **

  28. With sync shot you can take out 4 enemies at the same time if you shoot too…You could've remained undetected there

  29. One thing I can say when you have 3 friends and you ( 4 total) this game is extremely fun but if you play by yourself it will get boring the first 30minutes

  30. Surprising Tip: If you dress up like how your environment is (with camo) you will not be noticed if you duck down into the grass even if you’ve already been noticed it still works

  31. How do you activate thermal on ps4 pvp Tia!

  32. i would have also mentioned about the turret gunning that if you have car shield and aircraft shield you take less damage and can take alot more damage and go in guns blazeing fast and loud

  33. am i the only one who watches these and when the intro comes on it turns my xbox on?

  34. I like how you guys skipped the hard hitting, killer tips such as, heres where the best sniper rifle os located, heres where the helicopters that shoot rockets are located, heres the extended mag for the sub machine guns, or the fact that snipers dont need silencers past 150m. No you felt no need to gice us the tips that take hours or gameplay to figure out. Instead, you read off the skills list and told us to use the drone. Solid performance guys. I bet yall spent at least 15 min coming up with the tips. I like the effort

  35. fhey i cant find anything on how to take a enemy helo down while in your rebel helo thats not equipped with guns. so i figured out how to take them down easily, while in your black gunless helo, get right above the enemy helo, descend down on top of the enemy helo and your landing rails will destroy the propellers and the enemies will go down instantly. its pretty tight how it works. did u know of this before now? maybe you can make a video of it to spread the tip to your fans.

  36. how tf do you go prone on ps4

  37. you know the tag above enemy head

  38. hey my tag on enemys disappered and i cant get it back help?

  39. They should make a DLC for GRW where you can custom make your own team

  40. Vladimir Lennon changed the history of the world

  41. I finished the game, now what?

  42. Man you guys are noobs. I play on the the hardest with no crosshair Hud or anything. It's Ghost recon not CoD

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