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7 Killer Tricks And Tips To Get Ahead In Call Of Duty WW2

Call Of Duty WW2 is here, and our Call Of Duty WW2 tips and tricks guide can make it easier to win in multiplayer. Our resident COD pro tells you how to upgrade fast, select the right sensitivity, pick the best guns and build the best loadout for the game. Follow our Call of Duty tips and see that kill/death ratio improve…
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38 Comments on 7 Killer Tricks And Tips To Get Ahead In Call Of Duty WW2

  1. My tip….DON'T BUY IT !

  2. ‘Use the shooting range, change your sensitivity and do the contracts’ REALLY? DAMN LOL

  3. Me:9+sensitivity, Plays shipment domination,Uses Gunslinger and combat shotgun,Go rambo and prefire dolphin dive everycorner= enemies worst nightmare(unless you do the same)


  5. I play 7 accurate and god flick capability

  6. Dude the stg is the best gun in the game in my opinion. I get a bloodthirsty every game with it and I get alot of merciless badges as well. I got the game for Christmas and already a level 50. I've just been playing TD

  7. The best way to get ahead is to play the game. Don’t listen to anyone’s rubbish advice and just find out for yourself it’s the best way…!! ????✌????

  8. Lol I don't even know what muscle memory is it doesn't do anything to gaming it just means if younstopnworking out you can gain that lost muscle back

  9. I quick scope at 5 higher is off coarse technically

  10. Scoped doesn't give you an extra attachmen, Primed does… Just saying

  11. Im in a location where my internet cant handle online play (Moving January) and I can only watch things like this to keep somewhat in it

  12. My tip. Turn off "always on" in power options. For some reason it stops the lag. Battlefield 1 had this issue early on.

  13. Basically git good noob

  14. Very Nice guide thx????

  15. He say cod ghost was the last boots on the ground game MWR ????

  16. You want sensitivity for most players a little above the half way point, a low sensitivity like 4 means you have no chance if someone comes up behind you at all. Takes like a full second or two to turn all the way around.

  17. Why promote the use of only a couple guns? That destroys the fun of the game for everybody.

  18. Q. In regards to sensitivity, does that advice apply to most shooters??. Games like gears of war 4. Or does having a higher sensitivity benefit because its a fast paced game. Should I mess around with it till I find the sweet spot where I have better control and shoot more accurately.

  19. My tip? Dont use the STG. It's over used and it's annoying. Use a variety not just STG, PPSH, Etc.

  20. Nice tip. I played on 12 and kept over aiming in ww2 now I'm at 7 and its perfect for me

  21. My tip is to just send it

  22. I love this game

  23. hi bennycentral ????????????

  24. Lowering sensitivity IMO is a bad idea. I've played maxed out and learned to control recoil with it. It doesn't take long. Likely half a day of matches. Add the reduction of bullet spread if you learn how to drop shot and you can have all the controller in the world and the reaction time. I supposed if you play slower paced game modes like S & D the low sensitivity makes sense. But for pub stomping higher is better.

  25. I'd like some more WWII content here on this channel ????

  26. It's cod. You don't need any "tricks" with this franchise. A toddler can play the game.

  27. When I was a 15 year old playing cod high on redbull I always used highest sensitivity now I'm on like 7

  28. I play with 6 vertical and 7 horizontal sensitivity. I might try playing around with that

  29. your trash if you watch the whole video.

  30. Tip 1-don’t buy it,it’s garbage. We are done here ????????

  31. My tip – DONT DIE

  32. Well I’m like amazing at cod your like bad at cod K thx

  33. The homie benny 🙂 We should play WW2 once i buy it!


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